In light of Women's month, ShadyVEU would love to give credit to "Women who Slay". These are the ladies that are thriving and hustling in pursuit of their passion. Anita Louise is one of them.

Anita Louise grew up in Cleveland, Ohio. She's always had an eye for art and composition. In high school, she loved painting with watercolors and acrylics. She took on photography in college, when she attended architecture school for a year. While doing projects to study buildings, she fell in love with taking photos of them. She then got tied with the fashion school in Kent, Ohio and started taking photos for fashion designers and it all spiraled from there!

What inspires you the most, and what fuels your creativity?
What inspires me most is seeing others be passionate about whatever it is that they do. It sounds silly, but when I meet someone that is so excited about there craft, whether it be public speaking, nursing, underwater basket weaving, or burrito making I draw inspiration from their passion. 
I travel all over the world just to see what’s out there pretty regularly. While traveling, I find lots of opportunities to meet people with crazy passions. 

What do you love most about being a photographer?
I love being a photographer because there are so many ways that people can perceive an image. Having a camera in my hand gives me the power to have people see it in a whole new way, a perspective abstract that they may have never thought of. 

How would you describe your "signature style" if there's any?
That is a great question because over the past few years I have been searching and developing constantly. Overall, I try not to follow trends because in a month or a year, someone can look at your work and say, “thats outdated.” I try to go for a look that’s timeless. It’s so difficult to figure out what that means exactly and ignore trends, especially on Instagram.

What's the most unusual item you keep in your camera bag?
It’s not really unusual, but I carry a deck of cards because I love playing games. Also, always bring snacks. Who knows when you’ll eat next?! I know, because I always have snacks

What's your favorite photography book and why?
I bought this book a few years ago with out really knowing what it was. It’s called Cultivate IV by Cageless Birds. It’s a book not just for photographers but for any creative person. It is full of photos, writing prompts and meditations that get your creative brain going and turning. Sometimes to get my best ideas I have to slow down, reset and write them out before I can pursue them. 

What's the best advice you ever received from a fellow photographer?
Never stop shooting. In the beginning, I was very frustrated starting out as a new photographer in a very saturation market. In order to gain a clientele, you will have to do shoots for free. So if you don’t have any paid shoots coming up, schedule something with someone, model, not-a-model, style shoots, go on an adventure, or just challenge yourself and you will naturally grow in your craft. 
While you’re growing, don’t expect immediate results. And don’t be too hard on yourself. 

Name a geographical place you would love to return to or go to for an assignment.

What photography project / assignment would be the most meaningful to you and why?
I would love to document missions overseas. I have a heart for traveling and helping others. If I had the opportunity to document missions to show people here in the US what it’s really like there, I would. 

Let's backtrack here a little. What do you remember most about starting out as a photographer?
I loved it because it was so immediate. I was a watercolor painter so the results took time. I loved how I could just snap a picture and edit it really quick and I could immediately see progress. 

Last but not least, what's your favorite ShadyVEU shades? and as one of our go-to photographers, what's the essence that ShadyVEU captures whenever you use it on your subjects?
I really like the classic LENY. They have this chic and timeless look that can be dressed up or thrown on before hitting the beach! 

Here's a BTS of her shoot with ShadyVEU Sunnies!

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