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ShadyVEU was founded by eyewear visionaries who recognized the need for a sunglasses brand focused on quality and proper vision protection. Through extensive research and constant customer feedback, ShadyVEU created the super dark sunglasses collection, which is now loved by individuals that suffer from headaches, migraines, and light sensitivities. ShadyVEU's darkest sunglasses have helped customers with varying vision conditions that require the least amount of sunlight to travel through the lens. ShadyVEU is committed to providing the best dark sunglasses available by creating quality eyewear that is helpful, affordable, and stylish.

ShadyVEU eyewear offers full eye protection against the suns harmful rays with full UVA & UVB protection. In addition, all our eye wear meets the United States ANSI z80.3 Standard and satisfies European CE Safety Compliance Standards.

We're flattered that you have chosen us for your eyewear needs and invite you to join us in our journey. We're often seeking for inspirations and talented individuals to join our team, please feel free to contact us.