What to know when choosing your next pair of sunglasses

When you buy a pair of sunglasses there are some things that you’ll want to take into consideration. Choosing just any pair will not ensure it matches your lifestyle and activities and you will not get the most out of them when it comes to style or protection. 

The best sunglasses will provide you with both styles that make you feel good when you slip them on, and eye protection that ensures you’re able to see when enjoying your favorite activity. 

Discover how a pair of sunglasses can provide you with both. When choosing the lens color it’s easy to match your lifestyle and favorite activities with the features and benefits by choosing the right color that will elevate your sports performance, enhance your leisure activities, or complete your outfit.  Here’s what to look for when buying your next pair of sunglasses:

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What to look for in sunglasses?

One of the most important aspects when buying sunglasses is that it suits your specific needs. To determine this, you’ll need to understand the conditions in which you’ll be wearing them, and or the reasons for wearing them. So, you’ll have to figure out if it is for style or protection from the outside elements.

Protection from the outside elements is a must. And sunglasses help to minimize brightness no matter how bright the sun is. So, if you’re going to be at a place where the sun and its reflective rays are strong it will impact your eyes and your vision, you’re going to want to wear a good pair of sunglasses that will reflect the sun rays and provide protection from the harmful UV rays. These UV rays can damage the eye’s surface tissues, cornea and lens. This damage can lead to cataracts, macular degeneration and other eye conditions. 

Thankfully there are many shapes and styles that you don’t really have to choose between style or protection. You can combine both together. 

Sunglass Lens Features

Choosing the best features to offer protection should be your first thought, because style will not have to be compromised for protection. Here are some of the things that you’ll want to consider,

Sunglass Lens Colors

When choosing the right lens color, you’ll need to understand how the colors block out the sun. The dark colored sunglasses with colored lenses such as amber or gray don’t necessarily block out more sun. 

Lens color affects the way that you see things through your sunglasses. For example, athletes playing sports such as golf or baseball want contrast to be enhanced, so they choose brown or rose-colored lenses because they provide more contrast. 

Sunglass Lens Coating

There are many different types of lens coatings, and each provides a difference of protection - Mirror finishes, polarized lenses, and UV protection.

Polarized Lenses

This type of lens coating is perfect for on the water or in the snow because it does an excellent job of reducing sun glare and reflection, which Increases visual comfort by shielding your eyes. However, this thin layer of metallic coating does not offer protection from UV rays, it simply cuts down on the amount of visible light entering your eyes. You should never assume that they will protect you fully against UV radiation.

Mirrored Coating

Mirrored coatings provide a high-fashion look with a multitude of colors. This ultra-sleek look will help to reflect light with style and a dramatic effect and do an excellent job of reducing glare by preventing light from passing through the lens. But it will not do a good job of UV protection. 

Ultraviolet Protection

If you’re like most people, you’ll choose darker lens tints with the misconception that it provides better UV blockage. This is a common myth. The only way to protect your eyes from the harmful UV rays is with a UV protective coating that provides you with 99-100% protection. 

Choosing UV protection should be the priority of any pair of sunglasses that you choose. And the amount of UV blockage needs to be the number one consideration when looking for a pair of sunglasses. It’s been proven that prolonged exposure to UV rays can potentially lead to the development of many eye conditions that lead to blindness. UVA rays are also linked to conditions such as cataracts, retinal damage, and even macular degeneration. While UVB rays cause keratoconjunctivitis and corneal sunburn. 

So, when it comes to choosing UV protection you’ll also want to ensure that the label lists 100% UV Protection or UV 400. This will ensure that you are fully protected from UVA and UVB for ultimate protection.  

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Sunglass Materials

You can find sunglass frames made from different types of plastic and metal. And even some frames that combine materials. There are benefits to both types of materials. 

Plastic Frames

Plastic frames are probably the most popular choice of material because they are the least expensive. But they are also lightweight and come in many different colors and styles. However, designer brands using plastic materials aren’t always cheap. 

Titanium Frames

Metal frames using titanium are very strong, lightweight, and corrosion-resistant. These are a good choice for older children or people that break frames often. If you are rough with our sunglasses, you might want to choose this material to get your money's worth. They come in a variety of colors and styles so that you can find what you want. 

How dark should sunglasses be?

The dark lenses sunglasses can be extremely dark or slightly darkened. The darkness level offers you different benefits depending on the lighting conditions. You can darken sunglass lenses. Generally, you purchase sunglasses already darkened which is more affordable.

When it comes to choosing the right level of darkness this will depend on the lighting conditions that you’ll be wearing them in. Darker shades are designed to cut through the glare and reduce eyestrain for lighting conditions that are moderate-to-bright. The darker the shade the more distortion there will be when it comes to your vision. 

There are different levels that you’ll have to choose from when it comes to darkness. Here are the levels and their best uses, 

Category 0 lenses have barely any tint and won’t be good at reducing any amount of light reaching your eyes. With less than 5% of the light being absorbed, category 0 lenses are not very tinted.

Category 1 lenses are noticeably more tinted compared to category 0, but are still very light, providing mild relief on bright days. 

Category 2 lenses are a mid-point between very dark sunglass lenses and light sunglass lenses. This level is prominently darkened and will absorb less than half of the sunlight through the lens. This level is perfect for moderately bright or overcast days.

Category 3 lenses will absorb up to two-thirds of visible light which are the most suitable for everyday wear, and great for recreational activities such as sports, driving, or a nice day on the beach. 

Category 4 are the darkest sunglass lenses and absorb so much visible light which makes them illegal to wear when driving. These lenses are most suitable for extreme conditions such as high-altitude mountaineering. 

Category 5 lenses are virtually the same as category 4 lenses except they absorb up to 92% of visible light. But they are extremely dark to look through making them best for high-exposure excursions

When is the best time to buy sunglasses?

The best time to buy sunglasses with dark lenses or any type of sunglasses is during the holidays when the biggest savings. Sunglasses are essential all year round, but you’ll find the best deals for the best dark sunglasses during the holidays.

Where should I buy sunglasses?

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When looking for style and protection our selection of sunglasses is wide, vast, and affordable. Don't forget that when choosing your sun eyewear, you may want to choose bigger, but this doesn’t always mean better with protection, but you will look stylish in your oversized sunglasses and make the fashion statement that you’re going for.


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