What face shape is best for aviator dark sunglasses?

No matter what type of sunglasses you choose, taking your face shape into consideration is essential. And this is no different when it comes to choosing these black rimless sunglasses.

Black rimless glasses known as aviators are a timeless style. They have been around for decades, and their ability to adapt to modern times is what has made them so popular. But how do you choose the right pair of dark lens aviator sunglasses? There are some things that you’ll need to take into consideration, such as aviator sunglasses' face shape, or whether or not you should choose extra dark aviators or mirrored glass lens aviator sunglasses. 

black rimless sunglasses

Why are aviator sunglasses so popular?

Aviator sunglasses have been popular for decades and were designed as sunglasses for pilots during the second world war in the Air Force. They guarantee maximum protection from sunlight through their complete coverage and very dark or reflective lenses. And today they are one of the most fashionable sunglasses styles around the world. 

Here are just a few of the reasons why:

Reason 1: Practicality

They are efficient at blocking out the sunlight at high altitudes, so eliminating the harsh glare of the sun is the entire purpose of these sunglasses. After all that’s what they were specifically designed for.  Their specialized tint has the ability to absorb yellow light therefore, protecting your eyes in harsh lighting conditions, so whether you’re lounging at the beach or on top of a snow filled mountain aviator sunglasses will keep your eyes protected and comfortable.

Reason 2: Celebrity Exposure

You’ll see this style worn by pilots and military officials when traveling abroad, but mostly you'll find some of the most famous celebrities sporting a pair of aviator sunglasses. Anyone from Tom Cruise and Sylvester Stallone to Elvis and Diana Ross with everyone in between. 

Whether they wore them in a movie, or on the runway these big-name celebrities have increased their popularity of the style and they continue to soar in popularity year after year. They seem to adapt to each generation. 

Reason 3: A Timeless Vintage Style

In 1946, Ray-Ban came out with their own variation of the aviator style frame and soon after other companies followed.  With new versions of the styles emerging constantly. You’ll find a variety of options to choose from in reflective lenses, different colors, frames, crystals, and sizes.  

How to determine your face shape

No matter which style, shape, or lens color you choose, one of the most important things you’ll need to do is make sure they fit your face correctly. You can do this by determining the shape of your face. You can determine the shape by properly measuring your face.  

The reason it’s so important to know the shape of your face is because when it comes to choosing the right style it will depend on the shape of your face. Some faces look better in certain styles and the reason is the shape of the face and the shape of the sunglasses. They need to complement each other.

The easiest way to measure the shape of your face and find the best size sunglasses is with a ruler. You can measure your face standing in front of the mirror measuring your face. You’ll need to measure temple to temple in inches. Here are the other measurement that you’ll need to take to find the best aviator sunglasses for small faces, long or round faces,

  • Face Length: You’ll need to measure from the top of your hairline to the lowest part of your chin.
  • Forehead Width: This is going to be the distance across the center of your forehead from hairline to hairline. Be sure that you’re not bending the measuring tape against the curve, this is why a ruler is best because it will stay flat.
  • Cheekbone Width: You’ll want to find the highest point of your cheekbone, then measure cheekbone to cheekbone. Be sure that you’re keeping the measuring tape flat and not curving it against your skin.
  • Jawline Width: Hold the measuring tape slightly below your ear and bring it down to the center of your chin. Once you have this measurement you’ll need to multiply it by two. For this measurement it’s okay to bend the tape so it sits against your skin.
black rimless sunglasses

What face shape best suits aviator glasses?

Aviator glasses look good on a variety of shaped faces. But they look best on round faces. The round shape is considered to be a modern face shape and aviator glasses compliment your features. The dark contours and an angular frame to bring attention to your best features.

When choosing a pair of aviator sunglasses for round face you’ll want to focus on choosing the right size is important.

Types of dark aviator sunglasses

There are many different styles of dark aviator sunglasses to choose from. Here are the various styles, 

Classic Teardrop. This is the classic aviator look. This teardrop shape provides the most coverage from sunlight, so if you’re looking for style and functionality this will be the one to choose. And if you have a longer face, these aviator frames will make your face look longer, so you may want to choose a different frame style. 

Navigator. This style is more squared and will set you apart from the other aviator-wearing people. 

Sporty. If you enjoy biking or running, and otherwise live an active lifestyle you’ll love the sporty-shaped lenses. Sporty aviators have a squared-off bottom, with wider lenses. This allows them to wrap around your face and provide ultimate protection from the sun when you’re enjoying your favorite activities.  These are much lighter than the  traditional teardrop aviators.

Dark aviator sunglasses for men

The best aviator sunglasses for men will depend on your shaped face. You’ll want to choose the navigator style if you have a longer shaped face. This is the ideal shape for the best look.

Dark aviator sunglasses for women

Dark aviator sunglasses aren’t just for men. This gentle tear drop effect looks just as good on women as it does men, no matter their face shape. You’ll definitely up your eyewear game with anyone of these styles.

How to choose the right size aviator sunglasses

Finding the right size will be based on the measurements you took of your face. But there are some things that you’ll want to take into consideration when trying on aviator sunglasses regardless of the style or color. your eyelashes should not be able to touch the lenses when they are properly placed on your face. If they are, this is an indication that they are too small and you’ll want to choose a bigger size. You do not want them to be too snug on your nose either. If you have indents on your nose after wearing your sunglasses for a few hours they are also too small. This is not how aviator sunglasses should fit.

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Best dark aviator sunglasses

Finding the right size, shape and price just right shouldn’t be difficult when choosing the best pair of aviator sunglasses for yourself. At ShadyVEU we offer a large selection of rimless sunglasses from super dark aviator sunglasses to dark lens aviator sunglasses in classic teardrop, navigator and sporty styles.

Grab your ruler, measure your face and find the perfect pair that provides you with the right amount of protection and style that you’re looking for.


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