Why do people wear ski goggles as fashion

Strangely enough ski goggles aren’t only used to protect your eyes in skiing conditions, although they are the best form of protection for all weather conditions. This ski goggles fashion trend has people wearing goggles just about anywhere, it’s very common to see people wearing goggles walking down the street or in the club. 

They are now worn as a fashion statement as well as for skiing or snowboarding. Goggles in fashion aren’t different from the goggles that you wear on the slopes. They will still have a wide range of styles and utilize the latest in technologies. This is often where it gets confusing. When choosing a pair of ski goggles you’ll want to choose a pair that is adapted to the shape of your face and suits the conditions under which you will be using them

What to look for in ski goggles?

There are some things that you’ll want to look for when it comes to ski goggles. But before you begin searching you’ll first need to decide if you’re wearing them for a fashion statement or if you plan on wearing them for skiing. 

If you’re wearing them for protection you’ll want your womens ski goggles or mens ski goggles to have the correct lenses. Because one of the most important is the lenses. Over the years these have really improved combining several technologies and treatments that help to improve comfort and optical quality. 

Here are some things that you’ll want to take into consideration as well:

Protection Index

Your ski goggles should provide protection from harmful UV rays as it is harmful to your eyes.  But there is also something called VLT, which stands for Visible Light Transmission. Here are various categories of lenses that tell you how much light is filtered (Visible Light Transmission (VLT)). Understanding this will help you to choose the right protection according to the weather conditions:

  • Category 0: 80% of light passes through the lens, which makes them suitable for night skiing.
  • Category 1:  You can expect between 43% and 80% of light to pass through the lens, making them best for bad weather and foggy conditions. This lens is clear.
  • Category 2: Between 43% to 18% of light passes through the lens, making these lenses suitable for cloudy conditions or shady areas.
  • Category 3: You can expect between 8% to 18% of light to pass through the lens, which makes them perfect for use in sunny conditions.
  • Category 4: Less than 8% of visible light passes through the lens. These lenses aren’t for typical use. You’d wear these for extreme luminosity at high altitudes or on a glacier, as the lens is very dark in color.

Lens tint

The color of the lens is more than for its appearance. The lens tint allows your goggles to adapt to different light conditions. For example, pink or yellow-tinted goggles provide more visibility in bad weather due to their increased contrast. Whereas brown or gray tints provide less color distortion in good weather conditions. 

Photochromic lenses 

This type of lens reacts differently to different light intensities. With photochromic lenses, the lens will actually adapt to weather conditions. So whether it's bad weather or sunny conditions, the lens will change to provide you with the right amount of protection. 

Of course, this type of lens uses the latest technology and tends to be on the more expensive side than normal lenses. But it makes choosing the right pair much easier and eliminates the need for a backup pair of goggles to suit the potential weather conditions. 

Polarized lenses

This type of lens will reduce the glare from light reflecting off the snow. This glare will make it hard to see icy patches that could put you in harm's way.

Anti–fog coating

Most ski goggles will have some type of anti-fogging protection whether it’s a double-layered lens or a special coating which reduces fogging.

Scratch-resistant coating

This type of extra protection will certainly increase the lifespan of your lens.

Colored coating

Colored coatings will provide visual comfort when skiing down the slopes with enhanced contrast to improve vision.

Types of goggles that every fashion lover must own

Aviator snow goggles

Aviator ski goggles are some of the most popular styles.  These trendy goggles types are some of the best in snow goggles fashion. They are flattering, gender neutral and probably the most popular choice. 

Wayfarer Goggles

Wayfarers ski glasses fashion provide a simple, sophisticated, and lightweight look. You certainly won’t go wrong with these  impressions and bold styled goggles. They come in different shapes and styles that will go with just about any ski outfit that you choose, or if you don’t plan on going skiing any outfit you put on. 

Sports Ski Goggles

Sports goggles are probably the newest trend that’s happening and it’s the most talked about.  You’ll find that many people are wearing a pair of uber-stylish sports sunglasses including Kim Kardashian. But you can wear these sporty framed goggles on the slopes for ultimate protection and style allowing you to unleash your style. 

What goggles look the best on fashionable women?

There are many fashionable goggles that are the perfect options for women just like you that want to look their very best. Polarized biker sunglasses are one of the biggest trends right now. These have been seen on celebrities such as Iris Law, Kylie Jenner, and Amelia Gray Hamlin in different variations of this style.

How do you wear ski goggles?

When wearing ski goggles for skiing you’ll wear them over your helmet to keep them secure. You do not want to have any gaps between the foam and your face. Any gap will allow wind or snow to flow through and this will impair your vision and potentially harm your eyes. 

Why do rappers wear ski goggles?

You’ve probably seen rappers wearing ski goggles on side of head for generations now. Some people believe it’s fashionable and others believe it’s unconventional. But nonetheless this trend has become increasingly more popular with a variety of styles and provides rappers with a strong presence.  The most popular rappers ski goggles choices are the sporty ski frame style. 

Why do NBA champions wear ski goggles?

Horace Grant started this trend back in the early 90’s. He played for the Chicago Bulls when he started to wear goggles on the court due to his 'nearsightedness'. Even after winning championship games NBA players will be seen wearing ski goggles. This is said to prevent bottles, cork, champagne and other liquids from getting into the players eyes and putting them at risk of permanent eye damage which can lead to blindness. 

How to choose the best ski goggles

When it comes to choosing the best ski goggles there are some things that you simply will not want to go without. Of course, it will depend on if you’re wearing them for style, comfort or protection. 

Choosing goggles that have protection from fogging is essential. This means double lenses, anti-fog coating and an adequate amount of vents will help to prevent fogging. 

What are the best ski goggle brands?

At ShadyVEU, we have a variety of ski goggles to choose from fashionable ski goggles to ultimate protection goggles with everything in between. Our affordable ski goggles provide comfort, protection and will fit your budget. 

So regardless of if you plan on joining the ski sunglasses trend and wear them off the slopes or plan on wearing them for protection on the slopes, we have the best budget snow goggles for either. Because let’s face it you can never have too many ski goggle options. You can enhance your looks, build your confidence, and show off your style sense with an array of ski goggle styles.

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