Women Who Slay Series: Sharla Barlan

Hers is a look that's hard to miss! from her neon pink hair to her overall ensemble, Sharla is sure to turn heads & break necks! Let's get to know this gorgeous Beauty Influencer & YouTuber!

Tell us a little bit about your background as a beauty influencer.
I've been in the beauty community for quite some time! I first started making Youtube videos about my favorite products when I was in community college. People always asked me what lipstick I was wearing, which brands to try to a certain skin type, etc, and talking about beauty was something I really enjoyed. When I moved on to university, I didn't have as much time to create a video, but I did have time to take a picture of my makeup everyday! So I gradually focused more on Instagram and have been doing it ever since!


How long have you been blogging about beauty?
I had to go back into my Insta feed and old Youtube for this question! My first post about beauty on Youtube was 2014 and for Instagram it was 2015.


What's your research process like?
I usually first hear about a product through a more popular influencer, but I like to test them for myself by going to a Sephora and seeing it in person before buying. Makeup products can be tricky; what works for one person might not work for another and they're also expensive! I like to be more safe than sorry! 


What are your favorite makeup brands?
I love Urban Decay for their lipsticks and Anastasia Beverly Hills for their eyeshadow. A brand I've been in love with more recently is BECCA Cosmetics for their foundations, highlighters, and powders!


What are some of your favorite skin-care products?
My skin care products are always changing, but the product line that transformed my oily skin was Ole Henrikson Find Your Balance oil control cleanser, toner, and moisturizer! And I always use a vitamin C serum afterwards to promote new skin cell regeneration.


What's the best beauty advice you ever received from anyone?
The best beauty advice that I've received is to never compare yourself to anyone else. When it comes to beauty, we're all so unique so one trend or technique might not work on another person. I used to try and do my makeup based on whoever I idolized at the time and it was not a cute look. Once I figured out who I was and what looked best on me, I became fully comfortable with myself and felt truly beautiful.


How do you keep yourself inspired?
There's a lot of people around me saying that I should be doing something else and something less risky so it is hard to keep myself motivated and inspired. What gets me going everyday is the fact that I can and will inspire somebody else in the future. Being a beauty influencer means also teaching others how to find beauty within themselves and that is what I hope to do for many people one day.


How do you #KeepItShady with ShadyVEU?
I definitely #KeepItShady by playing it up with different styles! I have so much fun creating a different style everyday with makeup and then topping it off with an awesome and incredibly unique ShadyVEU Sunny!


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