Raveena's music is a lush collage of R&B, hip-hop, soul & jazz.
We spoke with this talented artist about her new video, her influences while growin' up, and the best advice she's ever received.

Was there a pivotal moment where you decided to follow your path as an artist? 
That pivotal moment when I decided to follow my path as an artist was hearing ella Fitzgerald's "Cry me a river" at the age of 11. 


We love your voice, and your soulful R&B style! Who would you say are the artists that greatly influenced you?
I'm really into 70's artists like Sly Stone, Curtis Mayfield, Minnie Riperton, and Prince n Michael Jackson's earlier stuff from that time. I also am really influenced by D'angelo, Sade, and Amy Winehouse. 


We also love how your songs have great stories behind it. Where do you get your inspiration, Is it mostly based on real life / experiences?
My writing mainly explores womanhood, healing, escapism, self love, and romantic love in it's good and bad forms. It is all mostly based on real life experiences because I feel like I always have a myriad of experiences to pull from, but Prince and Frank Ocean are two genius songwriters who are inspiring me to write stories detached from my own life and from a different perspective. 


As a woman, what empowers you and when do you feel at your most powerful?
For me, reading POC, feminist and historical literature has empowered me a lot and made me a lot more educated about my place in the world and the things I have / haven't been afforded as a woman of color from the US. Singing for myself makes me feel at peace, singing for others makes me feel powerful. 


What's the best advice you've ever received from anyone about following your passion? & What advice can you give to people that look up to you and want to follow your path?
We are just specks on Earth. Our existence doesn't matter - the societal constructs forced upon you by your country , your education , your family really don't matter. Do what you love, even if it means being poor or being judged. Follow your own joy and bliss as much as you can. 


You really got the message across in your new video! We love it! The visuals look amazing! Tell us the story behind it. 
Thank you! It was a super low budget video I self directed with my friends. I wanted to make something empowering and positive for minority women, and inspired by the dreamy visual artists I look up to.

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