Women’s Sunglasses - Elevate Your Ensemble Effortlessly

By simply taking a walk down a busy street you’ll quickly discover that sunglasses are popular. Just about everyone who passes you will be wearing them. And it’s likely you’ll even see people wearing a pair of sunglasses on shirt worn by cats. Sunglasses have become a huge part of our daily lives and for many good reasons - they help you to achieve a certain look, allow you to keep up with the trends, transform your look and protect your eyes from harmful UV light.

But many people miss the mark on wearing them to transform their boring outfits into something awesome with minimal effort. 

Styling sunglasses to your outfit will have the most impact on your overall look. While many people overlook this finishing touch it’s important that you know how to choose the right shades to complete your outfit. They don’t have to be glamorous sunglasses to achieve the look that you are trying to achieve, they just need to complement your face, and complete the outfit.

It doesn’t matter if you're looking for beach sunglasses women have the ability to transform a bathing suit into a fashion show. Before you buy your next pair of sunglasses you should know how and why you want to use them to complete your sunglasses outfit. 

What women's sunglasses are in style?

Whether you’re searching for sunglasses to wear with a suit, for that business event, or buying matching sunglasses for couples to wear on their wedding day it's easy to notice which sunglasses are in style. Choosing the right style is about matching it properly to the event, your style, and the outfit.

When it comes to trends you’ll find that many styles are truly timeless while others are thankfully a fad. Aviators have been around since the 1800s and have made the most popular list year after year. While cat-eye, aviator, wayfarer, rounded and rectangular sunglass frames have been some of the most popular styles for decades.  And they likely will not be going anywhere any time soon. While choosing any of these styles will never be wrong, it is important that the pair you choose will match the style with the event, the shape of your face, and your personality.

Do your sunglasses have to match your outfit?

For some people, it isn’t something they think of, but for most, they would never just throw on a pair of sunglasses without first considering what they are wearing. When you are getting dressed and ready to go out you carefully choose your watch, jewelry, and accessories. You spend thought and energy on how you’ll look in your outfit. Matching your sunglasses to your outfit is not much different. 

For the most part, sunglasses often match just about everything without much planning. However, the style that you choose can change the entire look of your outfit. You wouldn’t choose a casual pair of sunglasses for formal attire.  

When you understand that sunglasses are more than just an accessory you uncover a world of style that can be added from casual to classy. There are literally a pair of sunglasses to choose from for just about any type of occasion - a wedding, pool party, a lunch date, boating, and more. 

Don’t wear sporty style sunglasses to the beach, or casual sunglasses to a formal dinner. Choosing neutral colors is great if you don’t plan on purchasing multiple pairs of sunglasses. However, you can add a little touch of sass with trendy patterned sunglasses. And don’t be afraid to change things up with style. If you’ve been wearing round glasses for most of your life change it up, there are so many unique trendy sunglasses to choose from that you might like better!

Sunglasses for formal wear

By following these tips you’ll find the best pair of sunglasses that match your formal event, protect your eyes and make you feel confident. Here’s how you can choose the best sunglasses for formal wear. 

Classic Styles Are The Best Choice

Whether you’re going to a wedding or any other type of formal attire event during the day, choosing a pair of classic style sunglasses is a great option. A pair of oversized sunglasses or a pair of cat-eye shades are always a great choice for a beautiful look. 

Choose Translucent Lenses When You Can

Wearing dark shades should be avoided as should women sunglasses reflective lenses. While you may feel mysterious and aloof wearing mirror shades or very dark shades this isn’t appropriate for formal events. Plus, it often makes people feel uncomfortable talking to someone you are not able to make eye contact with or see a reflection of themselves. This is why it’s best to choose lighter tinted lens sunglasses. 

What are the most popular women's sunglasses?

Fashion trends are constantly changing, and it’s not different with sunglasses. Trying to keep up with the latest trends can be difficult. But thankfully when it comes to sunglasses many styles have been popular for decades, such as aviators, oversized sunglasses, and round sunglasses. It doesn’t matter if you’re looking to go retro, or want a bold look there are sunglasses that will fit all trends and styles.

Some of the most popular women sunglasses are oversized sunglasses, round sunglasses, square sunglasses, flat top sunglasses, and more.

However, it's more about the way that you look and feel when wearing sunglasses than following any trend. 

What is the average size for women's sunglasses?

The average size for women sunglasses are most commonly 55mm-57mm. When fitting sunglasses you’ll want them to fit horizontally and evenly along your face. To determine what size would best fit your face comfortably is to measure temple to temple.

Can a woman wear men's sunglasses?

Of course, a woman can wear men’s sunglasses and you’ll find plenty of unisex pairs. However, when you shop for women sunglasses there is going to be much more variety with plenty of choices of brighter colors, such as bright pinks and yellows. Men's sunglasses tend to be more conservative and come in generic colors. 

How to choose sunglasses for women

When buying a pair of sunglasses there are two important things that you want to take into consideration - how they fit on your face and the shape of the sunglasses. These are two of the most important aspects of buying sunglasses that look and feel good.

The shape of your face helps to determine the best shape of the lenses. While the size of your face will help you to choose the right size frames for your sunglasses to ensure they fit comfortably and compliment your face.

For women's sunglasses, you’ll want to choose sunglasses that are slightly wider than your forehead. This helps to balance out your face shape, by complementing your jawline and bringing proportion to your forehead.

And the best sunglasses for long eyelashes are glasses with rounded, curved shapes. This shape provides the space that you need so that your lashes don’t touch the lens as they would with flat. 

What is the best brand for women's sunglasses?

When it comes to choosing sunglasses, you should never make a purchase based on price alone. Buying an expensive pair of sunglasses doesn’t always mean better. There are some brands of sunglasses that are going to be more durable, fit more comfortably and offer better designs. But the price of these doesn’t always indicate quality.

There are a ton of quality sunglass brands to choose from and you’ve probably heard of the most popular - Ray-Ban, Oakleys, Versace, Christian Dior, DKNY, and more. You’ve likely priced them already.

At ShadyVEU we offer a line of high-quality affordable women's sunglasses. Whether you're looking for women's designer aviator sunglasses or thick frame women sunglasses or the best sunglasses for Asian female or the best sunglasses for small faces women we have a large selection to choose from.


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