What Are the Pros and Cons of Rimless Glasses?

As with anything there are pros and cons to choices that you make, and it’s no different when you are searching for rimless sunglasses for men or women’s rimless sunglasses you should understand the benefits and disadvantages.

Why do people like wearing rimless glasses?

Rimless sunglasses have been a timeless style and have not wavered in popularity over decades for many reasons. One of the biggest reasons these glasses are stylish and trendy for both men and women is because of how they accentuate your natural beauty. The minimal look is lightweight and extremely comfortable to wear.

They make you look and feel elegant and sophisticated.

Plus, when you wear rimless glasses, there are no restrictions or limits when it comes to the size of your lenses or the shape of your lenses. 

Rimless Glasses vs. Rimmed Glasses

Rimmed eyeglasses come with a metal or plastic frame around the lens. These are often bigger and come in a variety of shapes and colors. Frames are great for expressing your personality and demanding attention.

One of the biggest advantages of rimmed eyeglasses is that they are sturdy. They are able to better withstand accidental drops and are less likely to break if you fall asleep with them on.  This type would be best for children or when playing sports.

If you have large or thick lenses, rimmed frames are your only option to accommodate the lens. Rimless or Half rim would not be able to handle these lenses because of their lightweight structure.

The only real downfall to full rim glasses is that they are heavier than rimless glasses and half rim sunglasses. But for most people you do not notice the extra weight.

Rimless glasses are lenses without frames. There is a lightweight metal that's connected to the lens to wrap around your ears and a nose bridge that creates the structure of the glasses. You have options when it comes to shape and the tint color of the lens. 

Do rimless glasses look better?

There has been some research done that proved that people who wear rimless are more attractive and confident. One of the reasons for this is because they draw attention to the eyes rather than the glasses. 

Reason why do people like wearing rimless glasses?

No matter which type of glasses you purchase there are always going to be advantages and disadvantages to them. In order to make a better decision, it’s important that you understand what these are. Here are some of the pros and cons of rimless glasses, 

Pros of Rimless Glasses

Your Glasses Can Go Unnoticed

When you have a pair of rimless glasses they are barely noticeable. And if you’re someone who is worried about wearing glasses because you’re afraid of how you look then these are your best option. 


Since the 1800s rimless glasses have been considered classy and fashion-forward. These sunglasses reveal more of the features and aspects of your face because there is no frame blocking it. 

No Limits On Lenses

You have a ton of options when it comes to lens shapes and size with rimless sunglasses. And because there are no limitations there are endless options that will look good on you. 

Rimless Glasses Are Lightweight

These lightweight metal framed sunglasses don’t put any pressure or strain on your face or ears. They are comfortable and barely feel as if you have any glasses on your face. 

Cons of Rimless Glasses

Easier to break

Frames keep your glasses sturdy, and because rimless glasses have no frames around the lenses they are more susceptible to breaking. This means being careful with your glasses is important. If you are the type of person that damages your glasses easily then these might not be the best style for you. It is important that you take care of your glasses as best you can. Often rimless glasses nose bridge replacement is necessary.

The Price Tag

You would think that it would cost less to purchase rimless glasses because there’s less material used. But because these glasses are made with great detail and style they tend to be slightly higher in price than framed glasses. They require more time and effort to make and often use high-quality materials to improve durability. 

Are rimless glasses in style?

There hasn’t been a time that rimless glasses weren’t in style. Rimless glasses are stylish and trendy and have been for decades for both men and women.  And honestly, it doesn’t look as though it will ever go out of style. 

Because of their minimalistic and classic designs are perfect for everyday wear, formal attire, and any type of event you’ll be attending. 

This lightweight frameless kind is the most ideal ever for those finding compacted glasses that suit daily wearing demands. Saying that doesn’t mean they can’t create a bold style for the wearer.

Where to buy rimless glasses?

You can find just about any place to buy rimless glasses. At ShadyVEU we offer a selection of stylish and trendy rimless glasses. When choosing the right pair there are some things that you’ll want to take into consideration, such as your daily activities and preference.  

You have a ton of options when it comes to size and shaped lenses, and choosing the one that best suits your face shape is always best. So whether you have a round, square, or oval shaped face there is a rimless style that will enhance your beauty.

Round Face 

If you have a round face, it’s likely that your cheeks appear full, and your chin is short and rounded. Because of this, a square rimless shape would be best suited for you. This is because it provides strong angles that leave a more impressive look. 

Triangle Face 

With a triangle face your jaw is generally narrow and you have a pointed chin. Wearing a lens that is wider than your jawline would be best. Choosing round rimless glasses softens the rigid lines and gives you a softer, more delicate appearance.   

Heart Face

When you have a heart-shaped face your forehead is the widest part of the face and a longer face with a pointed chin gives it a heart-shaped appearance.

Choosing rimless square glasses is best because they provide light and shadow areas that lead the focus to your eyes. Square rimless glasses with rounder edges have a more casual appearance.

Diamond Face 

Diamond shaped faces are similar to heart-shaped faces when it comes to fuller cheekbones and a pointed chin. However, with a diamond-shaped face, the width of the hairline is usually narrower. 

Square frameless glasses are going to be your best choice. You’ll find that there is a good selection of men's square rimless glasses to choose from.

Oval Face

The oval face is the most common shaped face and considered a standard of beauty. With this natural balanced structure and the soft curve of the chin make just about any shaped lens a good choice. But rimless aviator eyeglasses and oval rimless glasses are the best option. 

Rectangle Face

A rectangular shaped face is a combination of the oval face and long face with a square jaw.  A semi circular square shape helps to balance the appearance of the long length and distance between the forehead, cheeks, and jawline. It will make the angles on your face appear softer while creating fullness of both sides of your face.

Square Face 

When you have a square face the widths of your forehead, cheekbones, and jaw are equal - hence the square face shape. And more than likely you have a sharp jawline. 

Wearing round rimless glasses is the perfect way to soften your face. 

No matter which shape you choose in women rimless sunglasses, half rimless sunglasses, clear rimless sunglasses or if you’re looking for rimless prescription glasses progressive, ShadyVEU has the shape, size and style you’re looking for.


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