What Are The Best Sports Sunglasses?

The best sports goggles or sunglasses are going to be the pair that provides you with adequate protection when enjoying the sport that you love playing.  Whether that's a pair of UV protection sports sunglasses when cycling or protective sports goggles when out on the field shooting paintballs. 

Let’s take a closer look at sports protective goggles, and sunglasses for playing sports to find the perfect pair that provides the necessary protection and style, even if that style is sports eyeglasses. 

3 Types of sports sunglasses

Ski sunglasses

Ski sunglasses provide protection from the sun's glare, rays, and debris, such as twigs, rocks, and snow that are common when skiing down the slopes. It only makes sense to protect your eyes from this type of debris to enjoy your time on the slopes and properly protect your vision.  

Sailing sunglasses

A pair of good sailing sunglasses will protect your eyes from the harmful UVB and UVA rays, as well as repel water, prevent smudging and reduce salt residue. Polarized lenses are often used for sailing or sunglasses that have a hydrophobic coating that sheds water and prevents smudges from fingerprints and sun creams.

Running and cycling sunglasses

Running and cycling sunglasses should reduce glare and filter out 99 to 100% of UV rays. You want to make sure that your vision is to protect your eyes from wind and debris. Which is why these are a wrap-style frames. Generally, these glasses are comfortable and lightweight and will not move while on your face.

What is the difference between sports goggles and sports sunglasses?

Both sports goggles and sports glasses are designed to protect your eyes when playing sports. They are both made from durable materials such as polycarbonate lenses that are designed to withstand impacts and debris. However, there are some important differences that you should understand.

Sports goggles generally fit close to your face and have a strap or band that keeps them in place whether it's worn as part of a helmet or face mask. They are much less likely to come off of your face during intense sports or allow any type of debris from entering your eyes at all. 

Sports sunglasses while similar to sports goggles but look like more traditional glasses. They will sit close to your eyes but they will not provide your eyes with full coverage protection. They do however protect your eyes from the sun’s UV rays and keep some wind and debris out of your eyes, but they leave space around your eyes that doesn’t provide ultimate protection when playing certain sports. 

Why it's good to wear sport goggles for sports

There are a variety of reasons why you would want to choose sports goggles over sunglasses. One of the most common reasons is for comfort and protection. Sports goggles for adults offer a tighter fit, which provides more comfort. And goggles for children are easier to keep them on their faces when being active and moving around. They also are adjustable to ensure a perfect fit. 

Another common reason is the type of activity that you’re doing.  There are some sports that do have specific guidelines that you’ll need to wear goggles over sunglasses for advanced protection. This includes skiing and swimming.  But for other sports such as golfing or cycling a pair of sports sunglasses will be sufficient. 

What sports use goggles?

Let’s face it sports-related eye injuries are common. This is because protective eyewear is always mandatory for many sports. Some people choose not to wear sports safety goggles and prefer sunglasses. This results in unfortunate consequences as a result of it. Wearing goggles for sports should be mandatory in many sports.

And if you wear prescription eyeglasses you have the option to purchase prescription sports goggles which are sports goggles with prescription lenses built in them. You can also get goggles that go over your eyeglasses.

Accidents can happen at any time, but when you’re playing a sport you increase the risk of injury so wearing eye protection when you’re playing sports should be essential. Here are some sports that you’ll definitely want to wear goggles or at the least a good pair of sports sunglasses when playing.  

Baseball & Softball

Believe it or not, baseball is a frequent cause of emergency room visits for eye injuries in children 14 years old and younger. While most people will wear eye protection when they are up at-bat they do not wear any while out in the field. 

When a baseball is batted it is more likely to cause eye damage than when it is pitched. Many baseball players will wear regular sunglasses while out in the field but this only protects you from the sunlight and glare it will not protect your eyes from a baseball hitting your eyes. Some of the most common eye injuries as a result of getting hit in the face by a ball are a corneal abrasion, ruptured eyeball, hyphema, orbital fracture, and more.   

Squash & Racquetball  

Playing squash and other racquet sports is exciting. And this intense experience can increase your risk of eye injuries if you’re not wearing sport goggles when playing. Wearing proper protection is essential.


Paintball is an extremely fun hobby, but it can also cause severe eye damage due to high-speed projectiles. Whether it's from paintballs, pellets, airsoft, or BB guns, wearing goggles will protect your eyes from injuries such as hyphema, corneal abrasion, a detached retina, or a ruptured eyeball. 

Mountain Biking 

You might not realize but wearing goggles when mountain biking shouldn’t be questioned. As you fly down the mountain trails at top speeds there are debris, sticks, branches, and wind flying at your eyes. These things can cause significant damage to your eyes. But the biggest concern is when you're performing difficult tricks and runs you run the risk of tumbles on the rough terrain. Sunglasses will fall off of your face.  This is why goggles are a better option for mountain biking. 

Where to buy sports goggles?

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