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Kevin Suarez, also known as, @fiestapix is one of our go-to photographers because we LOVE his unique style in capturing his subjects. He's a Houston based photographer with a degree in psychology from Houston Baptist University. After graduation, photography has become his passion.

How are you, Kevin? Creatively, what is your current mood right now?
Im fantastic! have a new baby girl at home keeping me and my beautiful girlfriend busy! Creatively, I’ve been dabbling with studio lighting recently but I'm wanting bigger and more creative projects! In the next year, I’m wanting to get more of a high fashion editorial-like look! 

What inspires you the most, and what fuels your creativity?
I'm my biggest critic and so I think my hunger to get better and create better content is what drives me currently. As for inspiration I recently started to browse Pinterest and this has opened the biggest inspiration window. 

What do you love most about being a photographer?
What I love most is probably the spontaneous aspect to it - meeting new people, not planing out a shoot completely and just venturing on location to see what new spots we find to shoot at!

How would you describe your "signature style" if there's any?
I have been told that I have a very consistent style. It has changed through out the last year with subtle changes here and there. If I had to call it something I would probably call it "clean and moody".

What's the most unusual item you keep in your camera bag?
Something unusual would probably be a pair of sunnies from you guys. Im a male photographer so sunnies that are designed for women isn’t something I particularly wear but they’re in there for potential shoot opportunities - But there was one time I was driving into the sun with no other option but to rock out heart shape Sunnies on the ride home. 

What's your favorite photography book and why?
At first when I started shooting I would sit at Barnes and Noble during my lunch hour at work looking through lots and lots of books. Trying to learn my camera inside and out as well as particular techniques. 

What's the best advice you ever received from a fellow photographer?
Best advice would probably be when I was told to "shoot as much as you can when you can". You only get better with practice and if you aren't practicing then you aren’t getting better. 

Name a geographical place you would love to return to or go to for an assignment.
I would love to go to some type of rain forest or waterfall. I live in Houston so we lack the nature that I think I would thrive in.

What photography project / assignment would be the most meaningful to you and why?
I would really love to be able to be assigned a editorial project with a particular theme for print. Being able to see your work in print is the best feeling!

Let's backtrack here a little. What do you remember most about starting out as a photographer?
I remember the constant no’s and just the strive to continue despite the people who would blow me off that I would want to shoot. Those things are what made me want to become better and be someone that people and brands would want to shoot with. 

Last but not least, what's your favorite ShadyVEU shades? and as one of our go-to photographers, what's the essence that ShadyVEU captures whenever you use it on your subjects?
I think my favorite pair would probably have to be these pair of red shades, the LALA Cateye Sunglasses. It just reminded me of Wendy Peffercorn from the sandlot. They were just a fun pair that the model could have fun with and have a carefree time which makes it so easy to capture genuine fun emotion. 

Kevin sure knows how to capture not just great photos, but also the essence & emotion of any subject his camera is pointing at!

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