Things To Consider When Choosing Sunglasses

Sunglasses have a way of making you feel cool, they help you to avoid eye contact, give you the ability to stare at strangers unnoticed and hide your face when you haven’t put makeup on.  

But one of the most important things that wearing sunglasses does is allow you to make a first impression like no other. The sunglasses that you choose displays your personality. They give people an idea of who you are without you having to show them, or tell them. 

You have so many different types of sunglass lenses and sunglass frames to choose from. Or if you’re trying to decide on the differences between uv protection sunglasses vs polarized sunglasses. We’ll help you make sense of it all with these sunglasses tips. These tips will guide you to the perfect pair that will help you choose the right pair based on your specific needs,

What do your sunglasses say about you

You can wear sunglasses all year long - summer, winter, fall and spring. They are a necessary accessory that will protect your eyes and define your style all at once.  Here are what the different shapes and styles can say about your personality, 


For over a century, these classic sunglasses portray confidence and authority while at the same time being free-spirited, for both men and women.  They say that you are cool, and rebellious. And women find men attractive when they wear them, and men find women attractive when wearing them.

Square Sunglasses
Square frames are more businesslike giving the impression that you are more of the serious type, but you’re definitely no square. It’s likely you’re wearing some type of pinstripe outfit. They also state that you are practical and realistic.

Cat-Eye Sunglasses

Cat eye sunglasses are trendsetting sunglasses that let everyone know you have a flair for drama. They are classy but also provide a bit of mystery to exactly who you are. Lady Gaga is often seen wearing this style and will bring out the rebel in you as well. 

Really Angular, Teeny Tiny Cat-Eye-Ish Sunglasses

You likely like to live on the edge a bit at least that’s what this style says about you. The sharp and pointy edges define your personality.  

Round Sunglasses

Round sunglasses, whether big or small, tell everyone who sees you that you’re centered, calm and a bit out of the ordinary - kind of a hipster-vibe to them. Not everyone can pull off this style, but those that can share with everyone that they are okay with being different and because of this you proudly display that with these sunglasses that allow you to stand out.


Much like aviators, Wayfarers are found to be attractive to men. They come in an array of neon colors and while they’ve been out since the 50’s have a way of looking new year after year. These protect your eyes from the sun, and let everyone know that you’re cool and rebellious.  

Heart-Shaped Sunglasses

This unusual design is cute, but also lets everyone know that you’re not afraid to be you. Plus, the way they flatter your face is perfect. Although these shaped sunglasses are often seen on women these are not exclusive to women alone. 

Oversized Sunglasses

Oversized sunglasses cover most of your face drawing full attention to the sunglasses themselves. What you’re saying when you put these on is look at me. It’s a big fashion statement with a bit of mystery hidden behind. You like a bit of drama and going against the grain.


Most often wrap-around sunglasses are worn for ultimate protection. It’s likely if you’re wearing these you’re cycling, shooting or need protection from the sun for protection to ensure your vision is not affected.  These don’t make any type of fashion statement. 

What should you look for in sunglasses?

The style, color, size and protection are all important things to take into consideration when purchasing sunglasses. Plus you’ll want to be sure that they’ll last through the season. 

When it comes to selecting a pair of sunglasses there are some things that you'll need to make sure of. You want them to fit your face comfortably, they should definitely display your personality, and should provide 100% UV protection. UV protection isn’t just for the summer time. You need year long protection. Here are some things that you’ll need to take into consideration when purchasing a pair of shades, 


When you put on a pair of sunglasses they should fit comfortably and shouldn’t move on your face. If there’s too much pressure they are too tight.  

The size of the frame is also important. When you are looking for a frame the larger the frame means more protection from the sun, and it also makes a fashion statement. If the sunglasses are smaller or narrow they will not be able to protect your eyes as well as larger ones. Sunglasses with side lenses will offer you the ultimate protection from all angles.  

What you choose will depend on your style, and the level of protection you need when you are wearing them. This is often determined by the event or every day use. 


The color of the frame that you choose depends on the reason for purchasing them. Are you looking for an everyday pair of sunglasses, or for a specific event. 

However the color of the tint for the sunglasses or its darkness serves various purposes - protection from various lighting situations and style. For example category 2 lenses aren’t too dark but not light either. While they don’t offer any protection from the UV rays they are a good option for moderately bright and overcast days.

UV Protection

Eye protection is one of the most important reasons for wearing sunglasses and should be a priority when purchasing new sunglasses. Prolonged exposure can lead to various eye conditions that could otherwise be avoided. 

Not all UV protection will block the same amount of UV rays. You’ll want to make sure that you are buying UV 400 sunglasses. UV 400 will offer nearly 100% protection from both UVB and UVA rays. 


The cost of the sunglasses doesn’t equal quality. There are many inexpensive sunglasses that will have better quality than more expensive pairs. But choosing a pair that is sturdy and can last the season or longer is better than having to purchase multiple pairs of sunglasses throughout the year. 

What is the difference between UV protection and polarized?

When it comes to polarized sunglasses vs UV protection there is simply no comparison. Protecting your eyes from the harmful UV rays can only be done with UV-blocking lenses. Polarized lenses will only help you to squint less by removing the glare from your eyes. 

Because there is no polarized vs uv you are able to purchase polarized lenses that also have UV protection for ultimate protection for your eyes making them perfect for water sports enthusiasts, fisherman, and anyone that wants to protect their eyes and remove the glare.

When is the best time to buy sunglasses?

Buying sunglasses can be done all year around, but often you’ll find that the best time to buy sunglasses is during the winter months. Because sales are often less during the colder months many stores offer more discounts to entice sales. Of course you’ll see the biggest price spikes in the summer because this is the time of the year more people are buying a new pair to replace their broken or old pair of shades. 

No matter when you need a new pair of sunglasses, ShadyVEU has the perfect pair for you to show off your personality with.  Whether you're looking for class 2 sunglasses for a little flair, uva uvb protection glasses for ultimate protection or sunglass lens protector we have something in our store for you.


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