The Best Driving Sunglasses for Road Trips


Are you a person who loves driving with sunglasses? If you think that the skin is more affected by the sun’s rays, it may surprise you to know that the sun’s UV rays also pose a threat to the eyes. Being able to travel while protecting your eyes from UV rays and blinding glare can be done with the help of driving sunglasses. If you’re feeling a little concerned about the safety of eyes while driving, don’t fret. Scroll through this fun and informative guide that includes our picks for the best driving sunglasses. Buckle up and let’s get going!

 Can you wear sunglasses when driving?

 Wearing sunglasses while driving is legal. Whether driving across town or across the country, it is encouraged to wear sunglasses when the sun is very bright and shining right in your eyes! Sunglasses serve to limit the light that reaches your eyes and can eliminate the need for squinting. Not only will it help you see better, but you’ll also reduce your eyestrain.

Thinking of ditching the boring-looking glasses? You want to make sure you know the three main criteria to consider on buying driving sunglasses: coverage, fit, and polarization.

Type of sunglasses best for driving

  • Wraparound- When you are driving it requires a lot of attention on the road and every turn needs a quick reaction time. Wraparound sunglasses for driving fits properly and they can shield your eyes from all angles. They have more coverage from the sides that will give comfort to your eyes, allow you see properly and be distraction-free. These types of sunglasses are best for motorists as they provide extra coverage to your eyes. Stay safe while you focus on the road as well as enjoying your drive.

  • Polarized - While driving, we can encounter extreme brightness and distracting reflections. Luckily, polarized sunglasses exist! Polarized lenses offer the best protection against impaired visibility when driving and block horizontal light rays. Polarized sunglasses are ideal for the road, as they protect against the bright sun and harmful UV rays and reduce any glare you may experience from reflected light.

  • Non-polarized - Ready to hit the road but worry about amount of light comes through lenses? Then, non-polarized sunglasses can help reduce range of light. As with polarized lenses, non-polarized lenses have a coating that can protect you from overall UV rays. Sunglasses with non-polarized lenses can sometimes be less expensive than polarized lenses, making them more affordable. Super dark lenses might be the best choice if you’re looking for non-polarized sunglasses for driving.

What to look for in driving sunglasses?

  • Secure Fit - The best driving sunglasses for you will be those that fit comfortably and preferably made from lightweight material. Adjustable fit features and rubberized nose pads are available on most driving sunglasses. The point is that you actually wear these sunglasses in order to protect your eyes. If they don’t fit comfortably or they are unpleasant to wear, you won’t find yourself reaching for them when you get in your car. 
  • Adequate Coverage - Drives can get long and hot as the day progresses, make sure your driving sunglasses have generous coverage. A large enough lens gives enough coverage to block bright sunlight that hinders your ability to see. Essential frames that offer coverage and style are mostly seen as tall and wide lenses, frames with thick temples or a wrap around.


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  • Polarized Lenses - Glare can be hazardous during your drive. Whether it’s from a wet road or another other car, the glare can be very distracting and can even temporarily blind your vision. Polarized lenses can drastically reduce the glare you encounter while driving. Polarization can also improve color contrast, allowing you to better see any potholes, dips, and obstacles. Polarized lenses also offer a relief from eye strain.

    When buying sunglasses you should look out for the ‘CE’ marking usually found on the inside of one of the arms. This means the lenses meet the European Standard BS EN 1836:2005 and therefore provide adequate protection from UV rays. All sunglasses stocked by ShadyVEU carry the CE mark.

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Polarized VS Non polarized sunglasses for driving

Polarized driving sunglasses or non-polarized sunglasses, which one is right, and which should you avoid? We’ll guide you through the difference between polarized and non-polarized sunglasses for driving:

Usage - Polarized sunglasses can be beneficial for everyday use. However, polarized glasses are not suitable for LED screens or driving at night. Their best use is in the daytime especially for blinding glares on the road. Meanwhile, Non-polarized sunglasses can be essential for outdoors, however, using them on a long drive with glares on the road can cause eyestrain in the long run. Although, they do serve their purpose when you are being exposed to LED screens.

Protection - Polarized sunglasses have anti-glare coating, improve color contrast, and protect the eyes from UV rays and sunlight reflecting off surfaces. Non-polarized sunglasses can also protect your eyes from UV rays, but they will only reduce the intensity of sunlight, they won’t reduce reflection from cars’ glare that bounces off those shiny surfaces, water, or glass. Want the best for your eyes? Look no further! Here’s our top pick for best non polarized sunglasses for driving: 

ShadyVEU’s COLE Super dark sunglasses. These dark lenses non polarized driving sunglasses provide a good level of UV protection against sunlight intensity.

Are polarized sunglasses better for driving?

 Yes, in fact, they are great for blocking glare from water and any other reflective surface. Exposing your eyes to severe sunlight while driving can be dangerous, and you can only benefit from the better comfort of polarized sunglasses.

Whether you are having a long ride or just running some errands, we recommend ShadyVEU’s NOCTIX sunglasses!

Why are some sunglasses not suitable for driving?

Sunglasses indeed are a must both for your style and your protection. Hate to break it to you, but some sunglasses are not suitable for driving. There are still some points to consider.

Choice of lens tint - Scientific research indicates pink, blue and green lenses should generally NOT be worn while driving as they can make red lights indistinguishable. If you drive a lot, then tinted glasses are not suitable for everyday use.

Not protected with polarization - Polarized sunglasses allow you to focus clearly on the road as it absorbs the reflective glare bounces off coming from road and cars metallic body, allowing you to focus clearly on what’s in front of you. Not using polarized sunglasses can cause eye strain and lead you to tough driving conditions.

 Bulky sunglasses -The bigger the frame, the more protection your glasses will provide—but only if they’re fitted to your face. Driving sunglasses are far more than just another summer accessory. When buying bigger frame sunglasses, look for a wraparound style. For lightweight material, opt for plastic frame.

Not aware of tint density - Tint density is based on a category scale of 0 (clear) to 4 (very dark). The use of each level of tint density. Category 0, for day or nighttime driving. Category 1, for daytime driving use in low sunlight. Category 2, for daytime driving use in medium sunlight. Category 3, for daytime driving use in bright sunlight. Category 4 sunglasses driving are not advisable and always labelled as ‘Not suitable for driving and road use’.

Whichever sunglasses you go for, make sure they have UV400 lenses which block 100% UVA and UVB rays. Check out our shop for best sunglasses for driving in the sun!

Which sunglass lens color is best for driving?

Gray, amber and copper are the best lens colors for driving sunglasses, suitable for cloudy and sunny days. These popular lens tint can protect you from glare shining off water and wet roads. Perfect for driving roads as they offer anti-fatigue benefits. maintain color integrity.

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