Skiing Essentials For Beginners

So, you just planned your first ski trip or getting ready to start planning. As a beginner there are a lot of things that you’ll need to know about staying warm and protecting yourself against the winter elements. 

Understanding the skiing essentials will help to put together your skiing gear list so that you can be prepared like a semi-pro for your first trip down the slopes. And knowing exactly what you can expect when planning and preparing with the essentials for skiing.

How do I prepare for skiing for the first time?

When it comes to choosing your ski area you want to make sure that the ski resort you are looking at offers slopes for beginners. And if you plan on getting some lessons before you go down your first slope this is something that you’ll want to know about beforehand.  There’s no point in taking a ski trip to a ski resort that only offers advanced runs. Spending a little extra time doing some research ahead of time will help you choose a destination that you’ll be happy with as a beginner. 

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You shouldn’t really consider taking some ski lessons with a ski instructor at the resort. Even if you're going with other more experienced friends, you’ll want to have some formal lessons from a licensed ski instructor at the resort. They will teach you step-by-step, how to nail down the right skiing technique so you can stay safe and have fun on the slopes. 

And let’s face it, learning can be frustrating and you’re there to have fun, not get annoyed or angry when trying to learn something new. 

These are just some of the many things that you’ll want to do to prepare for your trip, but some of the most important things that you’ll need is the ski gear to take with you. Your gear list is what is going to protect you from the cold weather and be safe so you can enjoy your time.

What gear do you need to ski?

Choosing the right gear is essential and there are a lot of things that you’ll need to purchase ahead of time. Here’s your ski gear for beginners,


Insulated gloves will protect your hands from coming in contact with cold air and keep them dry when they come in contact with the snow. This is why it’s essential that you purchase waterproof gloves with enough flexibility so you can easily hold onto the ski poles.  

Jackets and Pants

What you wear on the mountain will determine how dry and warm you stay. Wearing clothing that is insulated, and wind and water resistant is key. The weather up on the mountain can fluctuate from cold to wet in an instant. You want to keep from getting wet by choosing weather resistant clothing that will keep your body comfortable and dry no matter what kind of conditions you face. Once you get cold or wet your day will be ruined. 


While you don’t necessarily need to purchase your own pair of ski boots it’s important that you understand just how important it is for these to be comfortable. You can rent ski boots at the resort. However, because comfort is essential this isn’t necessarily recommended and the reason for this is that boots are designed to conform to your feet. When you rent them, this doesn’t happen, so you’ll be more comfortable buying your own boots. But having the option to rent them is helpful. Just be sure that they fit snug but not too tight. 

Helmets and pads

Let’s face it, the likeness of you falling is great as a beginner. But wearing a helmet and pads isn’t just for beginners, anyone who skis should wear a helmet. You can also rent a helmet at the resort. 

Ski goggles

Goggles for cold weather are important but they aren’t meant just to keep you warm. And not wearing ski goggles isn’t an option either. They not only help to increase your vision while battling glare and precipitation, but they also protect your eyes from the outside elements - wind, snow, debris and harmful UV rays. There are so many different options when it comes to ski goggles to choose from. 

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How to choose beginner’s ski goggles

You’ll need to first understand why ski goggles are so important, so that you can find the best ski goggles. Here are three main reasons why it’s important that you wear a proper pair of ski goggles, 

Protect You from the Sun

Just because its winter doesn’t mean your eyes don’t need protection from the sun. The snow can reflect up to 90% of the sun’s UV radiation. That’s doubling its strength. UV radiation can damage your eyes and burn your skin. Wearing goggles that have the correct lens will help to diffuse and deflect the radiation. 

Protect You from the Wind

You’re up on top of a mountain, wind is very common, and the weather isn’t necessarily the determination for wind gusts. So, whether it’s a snowy or clear day, you should expect there to be some gusts of wind. The foam face pads in the ski goggles form a seal around your face to keep the wind out and the lens itself acts as a shield and protects your eyes.

Plus, they’ll keep your eyes from watering up as you ski down the slopes.

Goggles Improve Your Depth Perception

Light goggles tint lenses will help to improve your depth perception. The very white snow makes it difficult to see subtle changes in the terrain, which can be dangerous when skiing. Goggles with the correct lens tint color will help you to see better in both low light and on sunny days. 

To gain a better understanding of why goggles are an essential part of your ski gear, here are some of the different lens colors that will work best in different conditions.

Goggles on Powder Days

When it’s snowing or just snowed there is a good chance that snow will get in your eyes and in your face. Goggles will protect you from losing your vision and keep your face a bit warmer.  

Plus, on powder days, you’ll want to use your low-light lens to improve your visibility allowing you to see the contrast of the terrain better. 

Goggles on Sunny Days

When it’s sunny you might be tempted to not wear any goggles, but this would be the time you need them the most, because the snow reflects the UV radiation from the sun. 

Where to buy ski goggles

There is no limit to where you can purchase ski goggles from online. Purchasing your snowboarding goggles or goggles for snow protection might be the most time-consuming part of buying ski equipment. But it doesn’t have to be. At ShadyVEU we have a wide selection of goggles for snow to choose from - night ski goggles, low bridge snow goggles, ski goggles with nose protection and even goggles for snow trekking 

Best ski goggles for beginners

The best ski goggle for beginners is going to be an all-purpose pair of goggles with the best anti fog for ski goggles technology to ensure comfort so you can enjoy your time. If you don’t fully understand the lighting conditions and how quickly they can change up on the slopes your best bet is to choose goggles that will provide adequate protection in a variety of lighting conditions. There is a ski goggles vlt guide that will help you better understand the tint colors and level of darkness based on lighting.


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