Shady Halloween Costume Ideas

It's Lucky Friday the 13th! & we've got a special treat for ya'll! 

We rounded up some unique costumes ideas this Halloween season using your trusty ShadyVEU Sunnies without the risk of bumping into a twin! 
This includes everything from movie stars, TV characters, fashion personalities, artists & singers. Check out our favorite options and tell us, who will you be dressing as this year? 

1. Wendy Peffercorn from Sandlot

LALA Cat Eye Sunglasses 

2. Marilyn Monroe

LALA Cateye Clear Glassese

3. Lana Del Ray

JADORE Heart Aviator Sunglasses

4. Anna Wintour

KOBI Oval Vintage Sunglasses

5. Andy Warhol

LANA Semi Rim Clear Glasses

6. Audrey Hepburn

JADE Chic Cat Eye Fancy Sunglasses

7. Kurt Cobain

KANDI Oval Retro Sunglasses

8. Eliza Thornberry

LENY Clear Round Sunglasses

9. Alex Vause

LOLA Oversize Cat Eye Clear Glasses

10. Charlie's Sunnies from Charlie & The Chocolate Factory

BECKY Oversized Round Retro Tinted Sunglasses

There you have it! Don't forget to #KeepItShady by lookin' sultry or spooky this Halloween Season with your ShadyVEU Sunnies! 

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