Our 4 Most Iconic Eyeglass Styles

Sunglasses are a part of us. They have come a long way from being a simple piece of protection against direct sunlight to the fashion icon and promotional products they are today. Just about everyone either wears sunglasses or has worn them at some point. The thing is, however, that it doesn’t just stop at having sunglasses. If you’re savvy about them, then you know that you can’t just wear any type of sunglasses. It all depends on the shape of your face and the way your eyes are set. It, therefore, makes sense to have some knowledge of the different types of sunglasses out there before you actually go out and get yourself a pair.
There are lots of different styles of sunglasses out there that will fit the personal brand of just about anyone. However, some are not only more popular than others, but also timeless. These are the ones that will always rhyme with most people’s faces. You’ll find representatives of each of them in our store, coming in with slight variations to fit your style. What you need to know now is what these 4 iconic styles are and who they’re for.

1. Cat Eye Style

These are some of the most recognizably rebellious styles out there. They were made by a woman, for women, and have since found a permanent place for themselves in not only the annals of history but also the displays of shops all over the world.
This design was created by Altina Schinasi, who was looking for a style that mimicked the harlequin masks worn commonly in Venice. The idea was for the style to be both stylish and fashion-forward in a world where women’s glasses were largely being ignored.
Most of the glasses that existed for women at the time were wire-framed and really didn’t do anything to make women look good or at the very least complement their style. The design evolved over time, and darker versions came out in the ‘60s, gaining widespread popularity. All types of popular personalities donned these sunglasses, including Marilyn Monroe. The greatest part of the appeal of the ‘Cat Eye” design was how feminine it was and how good it was at bringing out the femininity in the facial features of a woman’s face.

If you’re fun, stylish, graceful, and witty, then the Cat Eye style is perfect for you.


2.Tear Drop Style

These are also commonly known as pilot’s glasses and were, as you might have guessed from the name, were originally designed for pilots. At the time, pilots relied on heavy goggles to block out the harmful rays from the sun while they were flying. This design was supposed to provide a lightweight alternative. With time, their popularity spread well beyond the aviation industry and they would be worn by huntsmen and athletes as well. The peak of their popularity was during WW2 when they were worn by perhaps the most famous army general of the time: General Douglas MacArthur.

If you have some inclinations to the military or at least movies about espionage, or some love for the aviation industry, motorcycles, and all forms of law enforcement, then these glasses will really get you in the groove. The beauty of teardrop style sunglasses is that the lens can come in just about any shade you can think of, allowing you to be as expressive with your style as you would like to be. If you’re the more subtle kind, then you will find comfort in the simple tinted teardrop style. It never goes out of vogue.


3. Super Dark Lens Styles

These super dark lens sunglasses are not only stylish but are frequently sought after because of their ability to provide privacy while functioning as bright light shields. Popularized by their unique super dark tint lens, these shades are rightfully called the “womens hottest sunglasses style” and the “mens hottest sunglasses style” according to hundreds of pleased ShadyVEU shoppers worldwide.

Migraines are the third most common disease in the world, with kids also being a victim of this chronic pain. Studies show that women suffer more than men by a ratio of 85% more. With these super dark black lens, migraine suffering individuals have finally found a way to better cope with sunny days that sometimes may trigger a migraine.

This style is quite popular in the creative community so it will definitely fit you if you consider yourself to be an artistic soul.


4. Round or Hipster Style

These glasses were almost single-handedly popularized by John Lennon. They are now a go-to style for two kinds of people, who are not always mutually exclusive: Intellectuals and rock stars. They were the iconic style of the 70s and have maintained a hold on the world of sunglasses ever since. 

These glasses are more on the playful side than the professional side and so are great for you if you’re the fun-loving type that just sees life as one great adventure.


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