The Must Have Sunglasses Style Of The Summer

Wearing outdoor sunglasses is a great way to protect your eyes from the summer sun. But they also provide you with the ability to confidently show your personality to everyone that sees you.

But when it comes time to shop for summer sunglasses it can quickly become overwhelming there are so many types of sunglasses to choose from. Do you choose the best sunglasses for very bright sun that might sacrifice style or do you choose the big sunglasses trend in order to keep up with the summer trend. 

There are so many styles, shapes, and colors to choose from and while you might think that you have to choose style over protection, that just isn’t the case. 

Figuring out the best sunglasses to purchase is simple when you use the following tips to find the best type of sunglasses for summer.

Why do we wear sunglasses in summer?

Protection from the bright summer sunlight is just one way that you choose sunglasses. But this doesn’t mean that you cannot select the bold and classy sunglasses that are fun to wear. Because when you choose the right pair it will still help you to feel comfortable in bright sunlight, without sacrificing how you feel wearing them. 

Protecting your eyes from harmful exposure to Ultraviolet radiation should always be your first concern, as it will prevent damage to the eyes.

Here are some other reasons for wearing sunglasses in the summer,

  1. Over-exposure to the sun increases the risk of cataracts and worsens symptoms of Glaucoma, and dry eye, and can lead to vision loss. 
  2. Prevents eye cancers that are UV exposure-related.
  3. Prevents particles such as sand, dirt, and pollutants from getting into your eyes. These can cause irritation, discomfort, and redness in the eyes.

What sunglasses are in style this summer?

Many sunglasses trends never go out of style. Year after year you’ll find that the same style makes its way to the top trends for that year from aviators to oversized frames. 

And thankfully many of these styles will suit virtually every face shape. But this doesn’t make finding the right sunglasses for you any easier. 

Here are just some of the different styles that are in style this summer, 

LONE super slim sunglasses, COLE square sunglasses, KACE wrap around sunglasses, TONI semi-rimless sunglasses, DAX oversized sunglasses and more.

How to choose sunglasses for Summer

When you choose your summer sunglasses wisely, you’re able to protect your eyes and  look great as well. Your sunglasses should add a touch of style to your swimsuits and beach cover-ups, but most importantly they should offer you the protection you need from the UV rays and sun glare.  

When it comes to choosing the right pair of sunglasses you should take protection into consideration, face shape, and complexion to find the most flattering sunglasses trends. There are many names of different sunglasses styles that you’ll have to choose from. The ones that are best will be the ones that make you feel confident when wearing them. 

Which type of sunglass lenses gives the best sun protection during summer?

When you’re looking for sunglasses that will provide you with protection from the summer sun it’s essential that you look for UVA/UVB protection. UV 400 provides the best level of protection from ultraviolet light in both sunny and low-light environments. 

Does Color and Polarization Matter?

When it comes to colored and polarized sunglasses there is a common misconception about both. While the color tint and polarization do offer you benefits they do not offer you protection from the harmful UV rays.  

For example, lens colors do help to protect against glare and increase contrast. Polarized glasses are great for fishing, boating and snow because they reduce the glare of light around you from direct sunlight. 

Are mirrored sunglasses in style?

Mirror sunglasses have a reflective coating that makes them appear to be mirrored. These have been one of the hottest trends year after year for many reasons.

You’ve probably seen these lenses in other trendy sunglass styles such as aviators and wayfarers. These offer more than just a trendy look. Wearing mirrored sunglasses helps to brighten fields of vision, protect against glare, and come in a variety of options. 

Are aviator sunglasses in style?

Aviators have been redefining fashion year after year, with their edgy styles, vibrant colors, and versatile designs. They are perfectly suited for all face types, and their ability to provide a casual look or a rugged appearance. 

When choosing a pair of aviators you’ll find some Aviator styles are better suited for your face type over others. 

How to find the right sunglasses for Summer

When you are searching for the best summer sunglasses, finding the right pair of sunglasses isn’t always simple. There are many things that you’ll need to take into consideration. 

The Shape Of Your Face Matters

It’s no different than when you're choosing a hairstyle. The relationship between the shape of your face and the shape and size of the sunglasses matter. Of course, this is just a baseline and should not be considered to be a definitive guide. 

Here are the face shapes and the styles of sunglasses that are best, 

Round: Wayfarers, rounded bottoms

Heart: Chunky rims, aviators

Square: Cat-eye or the classic aviator style

Oval: Rectangular or round

Take some time trying on the different shapes that are recommended, but feel free to branch out the next time you’re at the store to see for yourself. 

Size Really Does Matter

Size is an important factor to take into consideration. Not everyone can pull off the trending oversized or rimless sunglasses. There are many types of sunglass sizes to choose from and finding the size that best flatters your face will take some trial and error.  

Choosing a size based on the trend is not the best way to find the sunglasses that look best on you, or that offer you the right amount of protection. 

Brands and Sunglasses for Summer

The trends and brands might change, but the aesthetics often remain the same. If you are trying to determine which sunglasses to purchase from a specific brand it might be in your best interest to purchase based on style. You want the sunglasses to match your personal style rather than trends or what's most popular. 

Many brands have a very specific style. For example, sunglasses by Tom Ford are often  bold, thick, and dark rims. Sunglasses by Ray-Ban offer you a more classic, timeless look. Bvlgari provides a great variety with styles and colors that are unique.

Deciding on a Tint and Color

There are some big differences with the choices of color and the level of tinted sunglasses. And it’s important that you take this into consideration when choosing your summer sunglasses. All sunglasses have tints, and it’s up to you to decide which color and tint will offer the best look, feel and protection.  

One way to determine is based on your personality, matching them to your wardrobe or the activity you’ll be doing when wearing them - is it a personal or professional setting? If all of your wardrobe is filled with cool colors you wouldn’t want to buy sunglasses that have a warm orange tint. If you have a colorful style and a big personality choosing colors that are bold would be a good option for you. 

The tints you choose aren't just about aesthetics, they do affect the way that you see.  This is why the activity that you will be doing is important to take into consideration when choosing the color. Green is the best color for the beach, as it helps to reduce glare while brightening shadows. You can see color better with this tint color than most others. 

Follow these tips when choosing your summer sunglasses and look on ShadyVEU for the best options of summer sunglasses. We have all types of sunglasses that will suit your style perfectly - street fashion sunglasses, summer eyeglasses, sun trends sunglasses and many other style types of sunglasses.

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