Kids Halloween Costumes With Glasses

For most kids Halloween time is one of the best times of the year. It’s a day that you get to play pretend and become someone else for the day. They often choose to dress up like their favorite superhero, rockstar or character and become them even if it’s just for a few hours. 

Oh and of course the bags full of candy is reason all in itself for being a great day. Transforming your kids' ideas into reality isn’t always easy. Coming up with ideas for costumes can be difficult and if your child wears glasses it can make it even more difficult to decide.

Glasses can make some costumes look unnatural, while some can make it impossible to wear with a mask.  But thankfully there are so many cool costumes with glasses for you to choose from. 

Here are some great halloween costume ideas with glasses that are kid friendly,

What are good Halloween costumes for kids?

Halloween costumes for people with glasses can be fun no matter what age you

might be. It is a little more difficult the younger the kids are, but here are some of the best costume ideas with glasses for all ages, 

Blippi Costume 

If you have a toddler then it is likely you’ve seen this YouTube sensation singing fun signs, going on amazing adventures, and captivating your toddler's attention. Blippi's iconic costume with orange frames and sunglasses is a great choice. 

Grandma & Grandpa 

Although it isn’t a new idea, it's certainly one of the cutest costume ideas for your little wobbly toddler. There is nothing cuter than a baby unable to walk dressed up as a little old lady or man walking around with a walker or cane. This is a perfect option no matter what type of frame your toddler has. 

Notorious RBG 

Dressing your little girl up as Supreme Court Justice Ruth Bader Ginsburg is a great way to celebrate women's rights! This is an easy one to put together, just grab a black robe or dress, add some lace, and pair it with black baby frames.

Colonel Sanders  

This is probably one of the cutest ideas and a great way to utilize your child's glasses into a costume. Whether you have a baby, toddler, or older kid if your child wears black frames this just might be the perfect option for them. Dressing up as Colonel Sanders is fun. And who doesn't love fried chicken? 

Best eyewear to pair with your halloween costume

You may begin to notice as you look through different ideas online that your glasses just don’t seem to match the costumes that your child wants to be. And the last thing you want to do is ditch the glasses making for a fuzzy night, or making your child feel as though their glasses make them different in any way.  

Here are a few different ideas for halloween costumes with glasses,

Eyeglasses for boys

You can choose the classic costumes for boys, or their favorite singer. Choosing halloween glasses frames to make a boys costume can be tricky, but when you shop on ShadeVEU it’s easy to search through the different sunglasses to find exactly what you are looking for.

Eyeglasses for girls

When shopping for a halloween costume with glasses for girls you’ll find a popular option to be a Coachella girl. This is an easy outfit to put together. All that you’ll need is a floppy hat, a pair circle sunglasses and pretty much any type of boho attire you have. Just think anything floral print or crocket is going to be a great way to pull this costume together. 

Are kids allowed to wear halloween costumes to school?

This depends on the school. While many schools will allow kids to wear costumes they will have some rules such as nothing that would be distracting to the class, such as masks or weapons. There are however some schools that believe costumes should not be worn to school as it is a distraction to the school and may only allow the younger children to wear costumes. 

Where to buy kids sunglasses for halloween?

It can be a struggle to find the perfect costume when you are trying to incorporate eyewear for your child. But there are plenty of great costume ideas that will allow you to utilize their glasses and many places to purchase sunglasses online. ShadyVEU is just one of the places you can purchase your kids sunglasses for Halloween. They have plenty to choose from so whether you’re dressing them up to be Tom Cruise or a police officer you’ll find exactly what you need.

Halloween costumes ideas for kids with glasses

It doesn’t matter if you like to purchase your kids costume or you enjoy making it. There are literally thousands of options. And there are tons of great costume ideas for kids with glasses. You can even search based on the type of frames that your kid has already. 

Here are some great ideas for the different shaped frames, 

Circular glasses

When it comes to costumes with round glasses it’s extremely likely the first costumes that come to mind are Harry Potter and John Lennon. But these certainly aren’t the only costumes to choose from. Barb from Stranger Things, Walldo and Meg Griffin from Family Guy are some great options depending on the age of your kiddo. 

Rectangular glasses

This shaped frame has a few great options to choose from. The classic Velma from Scooby Doo. You can easily find all of the pieces of this costume in any store. You may even have some of the items in the closet.  Some other great options include the classic nerd, scientist and more. 

These frames give you a ton of great options when it comes to kids' Halloween costumes. Whether you want to go with the geeky and popular Steve Urkel from Family Matter or Clark Kent. Putting either of these costumes together is easy to do. 

Aviator and wayfarer glasses

There are plenty of classic costume outfits to choose with aviator and wayfarer glasses - police officer, pilot, Men in Black, and more. Or why not dress your little one in a baby Top Gun outfit with a pair of aviator sunglasses to complete this cute ensemble.

Cat-eye glasses

Cat-eye glasses are a little tricky; they aren’t for just anyone. But some girls are able to wear them with style. And if you have a daughter why not let her be the supermodel that she already is and be a model for halloween this year.  Some other great choices of costumes include Billie Eilish, and Katie Perry. Let’s not forget the 50’s or Peppercorn.

Funny halloween costumes for kids

Halloween shouldn’t be all about the scary stuff. Funny costumes are some of the best costume ideas. So if you’re looking for funny Halloween costumes kids love to wear then you’re in luck with these great ideas. Whether it’s the kids' crash dummy, inflatable sumo wrestler, or a slice of pizza these silly costumes are sure to be a hit for the older kids.

Here are some great silly costumes that will be sure to get heads turning and laughter rolling - a peanut costume for your little peanut, a money bag for your kid who takes all your money, salt and pepper for your twins, peanut butter and jelly for the best friends and so much more.

Sunglasses will complete the entire look of an outfit, including your kids' Halloween outfit. You can search on ShadyVEU  for the perfect pair of sunglasses for your kids - cop with mirrored aviator glasses, fighter pilot, runway model or a Waldo costume. No matter what costume you decide to go with for your child you’ll be happy with the selection of sunglasses or eyeglass accessory you’ll have to choose from.


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