Halloween Costume Cat Eyes Glasses

Finding the right Halloween costume isn’t always so simple. There are plenty of things that you’ll want to take into consideration when choosing from the weather, budget and even the type of glasses that you wear. When you consider all of these things it will make choosing the right costume much easier.

So if it looks like there is going to be rain in the forecast then you should consider wearing a costume that includes an umbrella and an overcoat. Or maybe it's going to be a super sunny day. Why not find halloween costumes with sunglasses. 

What are cat eye glasses?

Many trends disappear, but there are some that will adapt throughout time, and cat eye style frames are one of them. These frames aren’t your typical eyewear and that's great news for those of you with big personalities. Cat eye sunglasses have a unique style: its frame has an upsweep at the outer edges where the temples join the frame front. These aren’t your usual frames and not just anyone is able to pull off this look. 

What face shape can wear cat eye glasses?

When choosing sunglasses or certain frames it’s important that you choose the style that best suits your shaped face. Cat eye style sunglasses are best for round faces. This is because the bold, angular lines sharpened the soft features and jawlines of a round face shape. 

For faces with more angular or prominent features you can still wear cat shaped glasses, but you’d want to choose a more rounded or oval shaped pair of cat eye glasses.

When were cat eye glasses popular?

Cat-eye glasses have never gone out of style. They were created in the 1930’s but it wasn’t until the 60’s that this style really became popular.  This was mostly because of Audrey Hepburn and Marilyn Monroe. Audrey Hepburn wore a pair for her role in Breakfast at Tiffany’s. And Marilyn Monroe wore them in just about every film she was in.

But since Audrey Hepburn you’ll likely have seen Barbie, Princess Diana and Beyonce seen wearing cat-eye frames. Let’s not forget about Grease and the ‘Pink Ladies’. Not many styles have the ability to remain throughout decades of changes, but cat eye frames are adapted to match every decade. And continue to dominate the eyeglasses trends with slight changes in angles that will flatter your face and bring out your personality. 

Here are some other reasons why cat eye glasses have remained popular for so long,

They offer a unique look 

Wearing a cat-eye frame pair of sunglasses or glasses isn’t the typical style frame. Most people will wear the normal round or square frame glasses. And when you wear them you’ll impress everyone that you come across. This is because it takes a unique person to pull off this unique look, and it’s impressive, elegant and mysterious all at once. 

Perfect for just about everyone

Maybe you don’t believe that you can pull off these chic eyeglasses but the truth is just about everyone looks good in some form of cat eye style. But they are better suited for people with round faces as their sharp angles help to enhance the soft facial features of a round face. If you have a diamond or square shaped face wearing cat-eye eyeglasses will take attention away from your prominent cheek and jaw bone, and your eyes will get more attention. 

Perfect for just about any occasion 

This is by far one of the best things about cat-eye eyeglasses, they are perfect for nearly any occasion.  It doesn’t matter if it’s a formal occasion, fashionable outing, backyard BBQ, or Halloween cat-eye eyeglasses will be the perfect accessory to complete any style. They help you to look confident and assertive making them perfect in the professional setting, and add elegance in the casual setting. Either way you’ll be sure to stand out in the room when wearing them. 

Are cat eye glasses in style for halloween?

There are plenty of options with cat eye glasses for halloween costumes whether you’re just choosing halloween cat eyes or going for an actual costume like vintage 50’s style or choosing to be one of your favorite actors or singers. 

Choosing your cat eye halloween costume doesn’t have to be difficult. You can get some great cat eye glasses costume ideas with little searching, or simply create your own.

You even have the ability to transform an old pair of cat eye frames into a costume by decorating the frames. There are tons of DIY projects to complete this on Pinterest and YouTube.

Halloween costume ideas with cat eye glasses or sunglasses

Whether you slip on a pair of fake cat eye glasses with cat eye lenses or want to find a specific pair of glasses for a costume cat eyed sunglasses are a great option. Here are some great costume ideas that are not complete without a pair of cat eye glasses or sunglasses,

Audrey Hepburn is by far one of the most famous for cat eye glasses. You can wear this iconic character costume and get recognized instantly.  Get a black dress, some multi layered pearls and put your hair up, wrap it with rhinestones and put on a pair of black cat eye shades and you’ll transform into Audrey Hepburn.

The 1950s: During the 50’s cat-eye glasses were more narrow and pointed than they are today. Marilyn Monroe would be seen wearing cat-eye glasses in her films, and it’s likely the reason the style gained popularity. You can create a retro-chic back-to-the-1950s costume easily. And when you add a pair of '50s-style rhinestone cat eyes glasses you’ll win the costume contest for sure. 

Princess Diana in the 80’s: During the 80’s everything was oversized including cat eye sunglasses. The oversized trend may have started in the 70s but the 80’s perfected them with extremely large, face-shielding metal frames. There are many styles of Princess Diana - engagement portrait Diana, royal wedding Diana, and the stylish dressed down Diana are just a few you have to choose from.

Rihanna in the 2010s: This retro cat-eye trend was seen on everyone just about everywhere you turned. During this time the frames became more geometric and a lot smaller than before.

Ways to accessorize your halloween costume with cat eye glasses

If you’re like many other women you might already wear cat eye glasses. If so, you can turn your sunglasses or eyeglasses into the perfect halloween costume by rocking your cat eye frames to add an authentic touch to a costume. 

Whether or not you’re planning to choose a costume based on your glasses is totally up to you. But with the number of options that you have when it comes to cat eye glasses and costumes it should certainly be something you consider.

Where to buy cat eye glasses?

As one of the most popular styles there is certainly no lack of places that you can purchase cat eye glasses from. It doesn’t matter if you’re searching online or offline.  However, just because you can find a pair online doesn’t mean that you should buy them. Choosing a sunglass company that provides quality frames ensures you get your money's worth. 

You can search for cat eye glasses near me and you’ll find a list of locations, or you can look up ShadyVEU for quality glasses. 

ShadyVEU Halloween cat-eye frame sunglasses

When you're looking for Halloween sunglasses whether it’s black and white cat eye glasses, red cat eye sunglasses or vintage cat eye shades ShadyVEU has exactly what you’re looking for and at the right prices. 

We understand the importance of sunglasses and the part that they play in, not only completing an outfit to perfection, but also transforming a boring costume into something more realistic.


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