Funny Halloween Eye Glasses

Halloween is a time to have fun, get spooked and eat a ton of candy. Whether you choose something spooky, or funny dirty halloween costumes, a funny disguise or just a pair of wacky glasses, dressing up is one of the best ways to celebrate Halloween.

But if you wear glasses it can sometimes be difficult to incorporate your glasses into your costume. This helps to make wearing glasses more comfortable with your costume and there are plenty of great costumes that have glasses as part of their costumes already. 

You’ll be happy to know that there are a ton of halloween costumes for people with glasses and scary halloween costumes with glasses.

What are some fun facts about halloween?

Here are some fun facts about Halloween that many people don’t know.

Ever wonder where the "Jack o'lantern" comes from?

The legend is that Stingy Jack invited the devil to have a drink with him. Jack didn’t pay for his drink and convinced the devil to turn into a coin. The devil did it and instead of paying for the drink with the coin Jack pocketed the coin and kept it. He placed the coin close to a silver cross in his house to prevent the devil from taking his normal shape again.

He promised to let the devil go if he would leave him alone for a year, and if he died, he wouldn’t claim his soul. 

After a year, Jack once again tricked the devil into leaving him alone and not claiming his soul.  Then when Jack died, God didn't want Jack in heaven because he was too convincing of a person. And the devil remained true to his word and did not allow him into hell. This left Jack roaming the nights with only a burning coal carved-out turnip to light his path ever since. So, the people of Ireland and Scotland started creating their own Jack’s lanterns from turnips, beets and potatoes. The tradition made its way to the United States and pumpkins were used instead because pumpkins were native to North America. 

Trick-or-treating comes from "souling"

If you think about it, dressing up in costumes and knocking on doors begging for candy is a strange tradition. But this tradition has steamed from the traditions of the Samhain in the Middle Ages. They believe that phantoms walked the earth on the night of Samhain, and in order to repel the spirits they dressed up in costumes. Then the Catholic Church created the All Souls’ Day, which is similar to the Samhain tradition. This is when you dress up as spirits accepting food in exchange for prayers.

And today today costumes have taken the place of garments that were once used to represent spirits and go door-to-door asking for treats. 

Halloween folklore involves fortune-telling and magic

According to Old English folklore Halloween is filled with superstition and fortune-telling. Some of these superstitions include avoiding black cats, bobbing for apples and one less known fact is that if an unmarried person walks backwards down the stairs at midnight holding a mirror their net lover's face will appear in the mirror. 

The Day of the Dead 

The Day of the Dead is more than just a day. It actually takes place October 31 through November 2 in Mexico as well as a few other Hispanic countries. On November 1st they honor the death of children. Families will decorate graves with baby's breath and white orchids. On November 2nd, family's honor the death of adults that have died by placing orange marigolds on grave sites.

Halloween began from an ancient Celtic festival

Halloween as we know it today can trace back to the ancient Celtic times with the end-of-harvest festival of Samhain. When Samhain began the people would have bonfires and wear costumes that were meant to ward off evil spirits.

What are some funny Halloween costumes?

If you’re looking for funny character ideas or funny childrens costumes there are plenty of great ones to choose from whether it’s dressing up like the minions, your favorite food, a traffic one, a tinder match, a one-night stand, a bag of ice, a pickle or any of thousands of others. 

Choosing a funny halloween costume is a great way to get a good laugh at the party. There are some pretty creative ideas that will have people cracking up and smiling at first sight. 

What are some fun things to do on halloween?

Halloween is about having fun and enjoying time with your family and friends. There’s often parties, mazes, hayrides and many other fall events to enjoy. 

Here are some fun things that you can do on Halloween or any time before or after,

Painting and carving pumpkins

This halloween tradition is something most people enjoy. Whether you get together with friends for a pumpkin carving party or enjoy a less messy way of decorating your pumpkin with no-carve pumpkin ideas such as painting for your little ones. No matter when you decide to transform pumpkins into a piece of artwork it’s never too late.

Host a game night

Game nights are always fun, and they are even more fun on Halloween. It doesn’t matter if you're with the kids or having an adult friend's game night. Or better yet host your own Murder Mystery game night for the adults and plan a spooky scavenger hunt in the backyard for the kids.

Hand out candy to trick-or-treaters

Trick or treating is fun but setting up camp in your driveway with your neighbors and passing out the goodies to the little ones is even more fun, especially if you don't have children or if they are all grown. Don’t be shy, dress up yourself or create a spooky setting for the kids to enjoy.

Throw a costume fashion show

Things happen in life, and if you aren’t able to get out and go trick-or-treat this year, having a costume fashion show is a fun way to get the kids to keep the Halloween festivities alive. Have them dress up in their costumes and create a Halloween costume fashion show in the living room or backyard. The kids will get to show their outfits and get in the spirit.

How to dress a funny Halloween costume

Halloween isn’t always about being scared. Funny halloween costumes are

great. And if you are able to incorporate more than one person into the costume it instantly becomes funnier. For example, a fisherman and trout costume, or bad Disney princesses. You’ll even find funny halloween costume ideas with glasses.

Funny halloween costumes for kids with glasses

Some great ideas include Napoleon Dynamite and Kip, Garth from Wayne's World, Velma Dinkley and more.

Funny halloween costume for adults with glasses

But some of the best Halloween costumes for adults with glasses are hipster Belle, Velma, Daria, Moaning Myrtle, and Tina Belcher.

How to decorate your eyeglasses for halloween

Do you want to create your own halloween eyeglasses or halloween sunglasses? 

There are tons of ways that you can decorate glasses such as making slinky eyeball glasses or transforming an old pair into a large spider with a hot glue gun, tweezer and other craft items. 

Making a glasses halloween costume is simple even if you don’t have a single craft bone in your body with the help of YouTube and Pinterest.

Where to get funny eye glasses for halloween near me

If you’re looking for funny eyeglasses for Halloween a great place to shop is ShadyVEU. Their collection of inexpensive and quality glasses will have just what you need to complete your costume. 

You can grab a pair of oversized costume glasses, oversized glasses for your Beyonce costume, round sunglasses for your hippie costume and tons of other styles of glasses for halloween that will complete your costume.


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