Celebrate Black Friday with Stylish Sunglasses

People seem to go crazy during Black Friday, and there are some great reasons. You can find some pretty amazing deals on items that you need and want, including stylish sunglasses. No matter what time of the year it may be, wearing sunglasses can complete any outfit, while offering your eyes the protection that they need from the bright sun and its harmful UV rays

But is Black Friday the best time to shop for sunglasses?

What is Black Friday?

Black Friday is considered one of the best shopping days of the year. This day traditionally marks the start of the Christmas shopping season. It’s a time when many stores open up extremely early and offer discounted prices for a variety of products. 

While many people believe that the phrase “Black Friday” began based on the financial loss that the business had due to the massive sales. However, this isn’t true.  ​The term Black Friday was started back in the early 1960s. Police officers in Philadelphia used the term “Black Friday” when they described the chaos due to large numbers of suburban tourists that would come to the city to start their holiday shopping. 

Is Black Friday a holiday?

No, Black Friday is not exactly a holiday in the United States. However, there are some states that do observe the day after Thanksgiving as a holiday, such as California. It is sometimes observed as a federal holiday, just as Columbus Day is. But this is unrelated to the Black Friday sales. 

Do black Friday deals start on Thanksgiving day?

Generally, Black Friday begins as early as midnight or even on Thanksgiving depending on the store. And some stores will continue their sales thru Cyber Monday or until supplies last.

How long does black Friday last?

Black Friday generally ends when Cyber Monday begins. Black Friday generally lasts for just 24 hours for many stores. However, there are many stores that will keep their steep discounts and deals running all weekend. And others will run them into the following week, and join in with Cyber Monday offering discounts online. 

Over the past few years, the length of time has been changing. Some big named stores are no longer participating in it allowing their employees to enjoy time with their families during the holiday and starting the sales earlier and online.

Are the Black Friday specials really worth all the hype?

Not always. Just because there is a sale doesn’t mean that it is going to be worth it. There are some sales that are $5 off and others that are $500 off. You’ll need to pay attention to the sale rather than assuming that it’s worth it because it’s black Friday. 

The best thing that you can do is look before black Friday begins to avoid impulse buys and determine if the listed sale is actually a good deal. This takes some work, but it will prove to be helpful at getting exactly what you want for a good amount of savings. 

What products are best to buy in Thanksgiving and Black Friday deals?

There are some products that are going to be worth buying during black Friday. Here is a list of some of the best types of products to buy during black Friday that generally have the best savings,


Sunglasses aren’t just for Spring and Summer. And during Black Friday you’ll find that there are some pretty amazing Black Friday sunglasses deals out there with sales of up to 50% off your favorite designer. 

Computers, Laptops and Tablets

Are you in need of a new laptop, desktop, gaming PC, or tablet? If so Black Friday is the time to make the purchase. You’ll find a ton of electronics sale events but for many of them it can be tough to determine which store has the best sales, and how many items they will be listing for this price.

Small Appliances

If you’ve been talking about getting a stand mixer, a fancy blender, an air fryer or a pressure cooker, Black Friday is going to be the time to get off the fence and make the purchase. 

There are always great deals on pressure cookers and air fryers and other common small appliances that you might want. 

Airpods, Other Wireless Earbuds and Headphones

Airpods and earbuds are a staple for Black Friday sales. Oftentimes you can find them for a record low in certain retailers. So take your time to find which store has the best sales so you can get your Airpods or Beats Studio Buds True Wireless earphones for much less.

Smart Home Gadgets

Who doesn’t want to turn their home into a smart home, but not when it’s so expensive? Black Friday is the time to find smart home gadgets for much less, in some instances you can find 40% off discounts. So get your Amazon Echo speaker, Google Nest smart speaker, smart bulb, smart plug, or more on Black Friday

Video Games and Gaming Consoles

Gaming systems aren’t cheap, but black Friday is the time of the year that you might be able to purchase a newer console for a great deal. But gaming consoles are often sold out quickly. However, you’ll likely be able to find bundles that will have some games, accessories, or even a gift card thrown in. 

Smartwatches and Fitness Trackers

Black Friday is the best time to upgrade your smartwatch or fitness tracker. There are always good deals happening at a number of stores. 

Home Goods (Towels and Sheets)

Think towels and sheets and stock your linen closet with new towels and sheets. Don’t be surprised if there’s none left on the shelves. At up to 60% off they fly off the shelves quickly.  

Massage Guns

Who doesn’t like getting a massage? Massage guns can be costly, but not during Black Friday, making it a great Christmas gift. You can find discounts for as much as 30% off.


Where do I find the best Black Friday sunglasses deals?

Before you jump on the first Black Friday sunglasses sale that you find you’ll want to make sure it’s actually a great deal. There are thousands of sales during the Black Friday season and many of the sales aren’t much different than the sales they have all year around. You want to ensure that if you’re going to face the craziness of buying anything in a store that it’s worth the hassle with great savings. This can be done by planning in advance.  Because once you get into the store there’s no doubt that you’ll get overwhelmed by the promotional signs and jump on whatever sales they are promoting. This is how you overspend and save very little. — whether online or in person — you're likely to jump on sales that aren't very good and overspend as a result.

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