Can you wear ski goggles over glasses?

Wearing snowboard glasses is essential in order to keep snow and wind out of your eyes when skiing down your favorite slopes. They also help to prevent glares from the blinding reflections of sunlight off of the snow. In order to enjoy your ski trip and prevent injury, wearing ski goggles is a must. 

And if you’re planning your ski trip, and wondering how you’re going to ski down the slopes with your glasses and goggles at the same time this is going to answer all of your questions.  Wearing glasses under ski goggles is a real concern. If you don’t choose the right snowboard goggles you may be extremely uncomfortable or forced to wear no glasses. Neither should be an option if you want to enjoy your ski trip not when they make ski goggles for glasses, whether you’re searching for womens snowboard goggles, mens snowboard goggles, or pink snow goggles doesn’t matter there’s a perfect pair of comfortable anti fog snow goggles for you.

We’ll help you to find the best snow goggles that fit over glasses and are the best no fog ski goggles so that your ski trip can be enjoyable and memorable. 

Do ski goggles fit over glasses?

Yes there are both ski and snow goggles that are designed to be worn over your glasses. There’s no reason you have to wear your contacts or buy prescription ski glasses to protect your eyes when skiing. There are plenty of ski goggles that fit over your glasses to choose from. These types of goggles are called OTG. OTG stands for, Over the Glasses and they have little cutouts in the foam sides that are designed for glasses to fit comfortably. 

Although many modern goggles are sized large enough to fit over your glasses, OTGs ensure a good fit, and that they will not leave either a gap for air to get in or squish your glasses into your cheek or nose. 

How to wear ski goggles with glasses

Wearing glasses makes lots of things difficult but wearing ski goggles isn’t one of them. OTG goggles are the best solution for people who wear glasses to comfortably wear snow goggles. They are made specifically for wearing prescription glasses underneath. 

OTG goggles are shaped in such a way that it allows room for your glasses to sit naturally on your face. If you wore regular snow goggles, they would crush your glasses into your cheeks or push them up your nose. OTG are roomier and allow the lens to be suspended a little further away from your eyes. 

There are some things that you’ll need to know when you purchase OTG goggles.  When looking for the right pair you’ll need to be aware of two important areas - where the foam of the goggles touches your face, and the area between your helmet and your goggles. The foam is slightly thicker padding along the edges so they can create a seal around the arms of your glasses without crushing them. This is also important because it means that the interface will work well with both your face, and your helmet. 

How to prevent glasses fogging with ski goggles

While it’s important that OTG goggles fit well with glasses, it’s also important that they are properly ventilated to keep them from fogging both the lens of your glasses and the goggles. 

There are several ways that you can prevent fogging.  But one of the most important is making sure that there are a number of vents around the edge of the goggles. These allow your face to breath without fogging occurring. 

Here are some other great ways to prevent your glasses and goggles from fogging, 

Use Anti-Fog Spray
Spraying some anti-fog spray on your lenses will add a chemical solution that will repel water and resist fog. The spray works quickly on concentrated areas of your glasses and is an inexpensive solution. 

Here’s how you use the anti-fog spray. First, you’ll need to thoroughly clean the surface of the lenses, then apply the solution evenly across the lens. Once the spray dries it will create a strong coating. 

Anti-fog sprays don’t last for very long, so you’ll need to spray them often.

Get Your Glasses Adjusted
If your glasses fit too tightly to your face when you put on the snow goggles, it will become even tighter. When this happens it’s likely your glasses will start fogging up because the air flow isn’t able to get through.  

Be Sure That You’re Cleaning Your Eyewear
Let’s face it glasses and goggles will attract little specks of dirt and scratches. It’s important that you are using wipes or hot water and soap to frequently clean them. This helps to ensure that your eyewear withstands fogging for much longer.

Eyeglass compatible with snowboard goggles

When you’re searching for ski and snowboard goggles that are compatible with your glasses it can quickly become overwhelming. Skiing with glasses doesn’t have to be uncomfortable, not when you have plenty of options of some of the best over the glasses ski goggles to choose from that are designed for both comfort and moisture control. 

What are OTG goggles?

Over The Glasses, or OTG, are designed to combine optical glasses with ski goggles and are the perfect solution for people who wear glasses to comfortably ski down the slopes.  There is a special notch on each side for your glasses allowing for clearance on your temples. Basically, they are oversize ski goggles that provide the necessary room for your glasses. 

What is the difference between standard and OTG goggles?

Normal snow sunglasses or goggles don’t have the space necessary for your glasses to fit. The OTG ski goggles are deeper giving them the space necessary to accommodate glasses, ensure good circulation and minimize fogging with glasses. They look just the same as normal goggles but bigger inside.

Best over the glasses ski goggles

There’s no reason why you won’t be able to find fashionable ski goggles that fit perfectly over your glasses. When you are searching for the right pair, you should first thing you’ll want to examine is the type of lenses it has. A good set will use the latest anti-fog technology that offers the best performance.  

The best snowboard goggles will offer you comfort, affordability, anti-fogging technology and tons of vents to aid in prevention of fogging

It can quickly become overwhelming when searching for ski goggle sunglasses that fit over your glasses, or just any pair of snowboarding sunglasses for that matter. There are thousands of options, taking your time to ensure that it fits all of your requirements will aid in choosing the best snow glasses. 

Where to buy OTG ski goggles?

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