Aviator Sunglasses: A Classic Pair Of Shades


If you’ve been wondering are aviator sunglass in style or are aviator sunglasses unisex the answer is simply yes and yes!

Aviator sunglasses are one of the coolest glasses and have been for decades. Unfortunately too many men and women don’t believe they can pull the style off, but this just isn’t true. Over the years there have been new styles added to the aviator line, while  the original style has never changed. But this has made it possible for everyone to find the style that looks good on them.

Don’t take our word for if. If you’re not really sure if you could pull this style off, let's take a look at the different types of aviator sunglasses you have to choose from, who should wear them and which lenses would be the perfect color for you. 

What are aviator sunglasses?

Aviator sunglasses have been around since the 1930s. They were designed as the perfect solution for pilots. These sunglasses protected a pilot’s eyes against the elements, improved visibility, and prevented sun glare at high altitudes. You might not fly a plane, but if you drive a car, motorcycle, ride a bike, or out for a walk around the city, aviator sunglasses might be the perfect pair of sunglasses for you.

They are versatile for anyone, and for most make them feel good about how they look. Guys feel like Tom Cruise in Top Gun and ladies feel like Selma Blair shopping in Beverly Hills when wearing designer aviator sunglasses. The common theme is the confidence you get when you are wearing them.  

Are aviator sunglasses in style?

This timeless style isn’t going anywhere, and it just keeps getting better. Its casual style and rugged appearance are enticing for both men and women of all ages.  With varying designs that are functional to stylish, there is something for just about anyone and a look that will suit just about anyone's face shape making them a versatile style.  

Year after year aviators have redefined fashion norms adding edgy styles and vibrant colors. From the classic aviator sunglasses to the small aviator sunglasses and everything in between there is a style for everyone.

Types of aviator sunglasses

It’s no longer only about the classic teardrop style. Over the years there have been new styles of aviators without sacrificing the traditional look. 

Classic Teardrop. This is how it all began with the classic aviator teardrop shape. This functional style provides the perfect amount of coverage from the sunlight. This type of style is perfect if you have a longer face. 

Navigator. If you’re looking to stand out then this squared style is perfect for you, and if you have a long face you’ll definitely set yourself apart from the rest of the people wearing aviators. 

Sporty. If you live an active lifestyle the sporty style aviators are perfect for blocking the sun without sacrificing style when you’re biking or running. The squared-off bottom and the wider lenses wrap around your face for the ultimate protection from the sun. 

Metal. The classic aviator sunglasses were made with metal frames, although these were made with 12K gold. Today they are made with metal and come with a brass or silver finish. However, they are still built to last. 

Plastic. Another classic aviator look but with a slight twist with the aviator plastic sunglasses. These thicker frames give you a bolder, sportier look.  check out the growing line-up of plastic aviators. They have the silhouette of an aviator but look completely different. These are probably the most durable aviator sunglasses type.

Mixed Material. Combining metal with plastic gives aviators a combination of rugged meets sporty. 

Aviator sunglasses for men

There aren’t any sunglasses for men as iconic as the aviator sunglasses and the choice of men both young and old. This is because just about every man can pull off wearing a pair of aviator sunglasses - from the classic-looking frame paired with a white t-shirt and jeans to the sporty frame with joggers and a tank top. It’s safe to say these are versatile! 

You might not look like Tom Cruise but they will certainly make you feel like him in Top Gun.  

The Aviator silhouette is one of the most popular aviator sunglasses and you’ll find this style in many different brands. So whether you’re going fishing, or out to the most expensive steak house these are the sunglasses to wear. There’s no denying that by wearing the best aviator sunglasses men for your face shape you’ll likely be turning the heads of everyone who sees you.  

Aviator sunglasses for women

Aviators aren’t just for men.  Women love oversized aviator sunglasses and the many other aviator glasses frames. Slipping on a pair of these is less about the superior eye protection they offer from the harmful sun rays and more about how attractive you feel in them. Thankfully you get both protection and attractiveness. 

There’s no denying that aviator sunglasses offer a timeless designer style for any outfit. 

Aviators look best on women with heart-shaped and oval faces because of their ability to draw attention to your balanced features. But this doesn’t mean aviators won’t look good on any other face shapes because they certainly will.

What is the classic shade lens for aviators sunglasses?

When you think of aviator sunglasses the first color that comes to mind is likely gold frames with green lenses. This is the classic aviator look. Green tinted lenses keep things neutral. They don’t overly saturate color and they also do not darken things either.

What color aviators should i get?

The reflective and traditional lenses are among the most popular choices over the years. However over the years aviators have added colorful lenses to choose from brown, green, blue, or pink. Choosing the right color of an aviator lens isn’t about choosing your favorite color tint, or the one that compliments your hair. It’s important that you understand that each tint provides a certain degree of light blocking and color enhancement. Select the wrong tint and you can distort the colors around you. 

Here are the different lens options,

Brown lens. Brown tints are best for driving or riding a motorcycle. They will brighten and create saturation with color allowing you to see details better. This brightened view is perfect for when there is less sunlight in the early mornings and later in the day. 

Mirrored lens. This lens provides great glare protection by absorbing and reflecting the sunlight. 

Dark gray. Dark gray lenses block the sunlight and prevent squinting on sunny days. They also make everything look darker which can be a downside in some situations.

Graduated lenses. Graduated lenses bring brown and dark gray together for protection from the sun without darkening everything around you. These are great for driving or sitting at the beach reading a book. 

Green lens. The classic aviator green allows you to see everything naturally and provides you with the right amount of light blocking.  

The lens you choose should be determined based on what you’ll be doing most often when you wear them. 

Are you just looking to be stylish? 

Will these be your driving glasses or do you plan on using them for the beach?

Once you understand their purpose you can choose the right tint or lens for your aviator sunglasses. The truth is regardless of the color you’ll feel that extra boost of confidence wearing them wherever you go.


Where can I buy aviator sunglasses?

There’s no lack of places to purchase aviator sunglasses. But this doesn’t mean you should buy them from just anywhere. Whether you're looking for black aviator sunglasses or aviator sunglasses polarized ShadyVEU has exactly what you’re looking for. 

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