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PERL Blue Light Blocking Pilot Style Eyeglasses


Digital eye strain is a recurring problem in this day and age. Looking at a computer, TV, or phone screen for too long can cause eye pain because of the intense blue light coming from the screen. This in turn forces your eyes to work harder. The intense blue light known as HEV (High Energy Visible) blue light is the strongest and most dangerous light emited from screens. With chronic exposure, you are at risk for developing long term diseases such as glaucomas and macular degeneration. No longer will that be an issue for you with these blue light blocking pilot style eyeglasses. Stylish look for those trying to protect their eyes but stay trendy. No matter what you're doing whether its on the computer, the TV, smart phone, or if you're gaming, these glasses will help you stay productive and protected longer. Made with an all metal frame and shatter proof lens, you can be assured these will last a lifetime and look great.


Lens Height: 53 mm

Lens Width: 141 mm

Arm Length: 154 mm

Nose Gap: 13 mm

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